Saturday, January 14

back blogging

woohoo. I didnt come online for a few days le bahs. Ususally I cant resist coming online. But for the past few days, I became smart. I kept the laptop in its pouch so that its away from my sight, thus failing to tempt me. heehee.

And if you have noticed, no more midi on this blog. I apologize for that.

Last thursday and friday had been really eventful days and i shall blog about them another time. Sad to say, I've hurt my left wrist again and this time its really pain. My right arm hurt like crazy as well and i think its due to the carrying of titbits on thurs. Bummer.

I shall stop blogging before i get addicted. There are 3 tests next week. Bio, Phy and hlm kaocha. Ah. I love physics as much as i love chem now but the final verdict is still unknown. I have to see my phy test results first. As you noe, i always get disappointed. Everything in this world disappoints me. No matter how optimistic i told myself to be, 9 out of 10 chances i will be disappointed. I even disappointed myself last year by doing badly for my eoys. I disappointed myself each time i hurt my wrist but its not my fault laa. its just super weak and fragile and i cant help it.

So i shant put my hopes too high for phy test. But i just hope that i will be able to pass. Getting disappointed is a total boohoo. and it will totally kill my interest in physics no matter how much i like ms chia as my phy teacher.

Ah ha. So much about phy test. Bio test. erh not much comments. But i jus hope i wil be able to pass it.

HLM kaocha is the one i am worried about the most. I shall get off the comp now and start reading it.

No no. I am going to watch the documentary on Child sex tourism on CNA now. I watched a documentary on Geiko Girls jus now at 1pm. Is geiko same as maiko and geisha? I didnt catch the start of the documentary and i was blur throughout watching it.

ohno. the show's starting. I am off.

here's a really nice fanfic. feel free to check it out.

tata for now. cya days later (:


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