Monday, January 23

not very good mood. some highlights of the day

Just watched the results for Campus Superstar... Congrats to Clara. WHEE (: Rock on!

Alright the above is on a lighter note or whatever you call it. My feet hurts like crazy and you will know why soon.

I have decided to alter my way of blogging... somehow. I realised, after reading my own blog... yea it's a weird habit but hey why should you care. Anyway yea I realised that I narrated out everything from the start of the school to the end of the school day... and went through the details of every lesson for the day. It's kinda boring. No climax and stuff and I really dont understand how some regular readers of my blog can stand it. LOL.

I hope my alteration of blogging style will better entertain you x)

Some highlights of today are as follows:

1. We finished watching the 'Heavenly Creatures' film today during LA lectures which were the first two periods. The relationship between Parker and Hulmes was too passionate that it sent a chill down my spine. Oh boy. And the part where they conducted the act of murder. Omigosh. They were so cruel and unfeeling. And well they didnt have to show the bloody stuff and all. I was covering my eyes with the 'new' timetable. Ok nvm.

2. After Maths I went to toilet with Shu Min then Ms Chia came into the toilet and asked if we belong to 4J. I was about to close the cubicle door. She said she needed someone to help her carry stuff from the staffroom to the classroom. I volunteered so I followed her to the staff room. Carried a basket filled with Physics Practical stuff. Yep we did practical in class. Ok that was like so random.

3. During recess, I collected my blazer from SC room and changed into my long sleeve shirt. And trust me, I stood in front of the mirror long enough to ensure that I looked ok before I stepped out of the toilet. Dont believe? Ask Shu Min or Shue Ling.

4. Left halfway during CSP to go for SC investiture in the hall. Then we stood at the back of the hall for about 45 minutes. Ms Loh was walking about to ensure that no one felt like fainting. I was on the verge of fainting but lucky I didnt, otherwise it would be like so AA (attract attention). And by the time my upper level council walked to the front of the stage to get ready to go up to the stage. I was already stoned and my legs were numb from the long period of standing. I received my SC badge from Mr Sng and FORTUNATELY walked to my row without overshooting this time. WHEE. The back of my feet have blisters now. WOW.

5. Went to canteen to eat lunch but no one accompanied me and Jia Min finished her lunch already. So I just bought two packets of biscuits and took them to my classroom and kept them in my bag. Then something ridiculous happened. Someone apparently asked politely if I would like to join for a game of bridge cos apparently they were short of one person for a game. I was reluctant at first but joined in the end. So I went to that particular classroom which they were in. Yes I sat down and played. And guess what I get in return for the kindness? A whole nonsensical lot of teasing. NOT FUNNY. Hello? I am doing you a favour by being willing to join in for the game so that you can have a game of bridge. And I am sure that other victim could have gone for his lunch rather than stay back and get teased for nothing. For the first game, you guys won. Yes. But communication was involved. For the second game, my partner and I won it fair and square but you both jokers had some more things to say. Just what is your problem?! Sometimes it doesnt pay to be kind. You got ego people dont have har? You got feelings people dont have arh? It dont matter if I am still angry or not. Why should you even care. Think before you do or say something. Dont do something and regret it or even worst, make people regret doing something which benefit you. And if you get happiness by making others feel miserable and awkward, you are just a plain sadist.

(NOTE: No names have been mentioned above. And please do not kpo and ask. It's just a moment of today. And I will forget abt it soon as long as no one brings it up. I hope the above contents wont affect our working opportunities or whatever. I doubt you will care. )

6. Jia Min, Jue Hui, Yun Yin and I, together with a few juniors helped to do our CSC noticeboard. And apparently we kept forgetting to bring stuff down to the third storey so I walked back to 4J for about 6 times to get the stuff. Thats one of the main causes accounting for the blisters on my feet. I wore court shoes to school in the morning so I dont have any white shoes to change into. I was rather agitated during the discussion for the noticeboard and I hope that I didnt piss anyone off. I was actually letting out my anger for the previous event and coincidentally there was this topic. Therefore there an excuse present.

7. We finally got started on the board. There were lotsa rusty thumbtacks. And they reminded me of the bad experience in GMPS. I was pinning up Love Nugget Certs at that time on the noticeboard (Refer to the previous entry regarding myself being a Love Nugget Angel). Mrs Constance Tan and KL were beside me then KL suddenly dropped the box of thumbtacks. I cant remember if I was barefooted or wearing socks then but one thing for sure. I wasnt wearing any shoes. I was standing on a chair and when she dropped the box, I stepped down from the chair to help pick up the thumbtack. What a bad choice of action. I stepped on a thumbtack with my right foot. Bummer. Anyway just a flashback.

8. I stayed in the classroom to wait for Shu Min to go to Mediacorp together. FYI, we got tickets for Campus Superstar Live recording today. We were supposed to reach at 630pm and We ate our dinner in school till 6pm. It was 605pm when we decided to take a taxi to Mediacorp. It was peak hour then so one additional buck to the taxi fare. And we reached there at 625pm. We felt abit out cos the people there mostly belong to sports cca. But since we were there. We just stayed to support Clara lorhs. I sat between Shu Min and Sherry.

Sherry has a very loud voice and she screamed even before the recording offically started. I screamed abit then stopped cos my voice havent really recovered since orientation which is like ... bad? I want to go kbox de lo.

So the recording was like normal like that. Lotsa screaming and raising of banner. Saw my friend whom Twin and I addressed as 'the purple shirt guy'. Even Nigel, Xi Jing, Kenny and Hong Yi went. Wahaha. The recording ended at 9pm. Shu Min and I took bus to Toa Payoh Interchange then she took bus 31 home while I headed to Popular to get some stuff for CSC noticeboard CNY deco. I had to empty my wallet to pay for the stuff cos apparently the very last bit of my allowance has been used up for the taxi fare. My mom told me to get some bread for breakfast if I want but the problem is I dont have enough money. Boohoo.

After that went to bus 155 there to take bus home. I waited for like 15 minutes before the bus driver started the bus engine. Hello? It was a bus interchange. Then during that 15 minutes, an auntie beside me bought KFC and she was opening the box to check or sth. The aroma of the fried chicken wings diffused to my nose and I sensed some hunger pangs. ARGH.

I finally boarded the bus at 950pm. Took out my zen to listen. Its battery is finally fully- charged. Then I kept looking out of the window to see where the bus was heading to cos it was my first time taking bus 155 home for Toa Payoh all alone and it was late and the sky's dark. Upon reaching Aljunied Road there, I kept my zen to get ready to go down the bus but instead, the bus turned into Macpherson road and only reached my designated bus stop at around 1025pm. Ah.

My mother was questioning me when I reached home about how I actually survived wearing the court shoes for one whole day. I didnt know how I managed to do it but now that I've done it. I am a heroin (:

Btw while me and twin were having dinner in the school canteen before heading off to Mediacorp, we met Ms Loh and Mr Yeo at the canteen. Then Ms Loh was like telling us to eat quickly cos the workers were fogging the place to kill mosquitoes. I had to squeeze wantons into my mouth to prevent them from being fogged up >< My eating speed has been reduced greatly and my skirt has loosened somehow. I shall not be too hopeful yet. Disappointment stinks.

So today has been a busy yet fruitful yet moody day. Some people are just plain two-sided and deceiving lorhs. CNY's coming and wow. What a GREAT CNY gift that is. Go read up my archives Feb 2005. I received a similar 'present' last year.

But not everyone is a meanie. I received a postcard today and it's the photo of a rainbow in Hawaii. Very nice postcard. I was admiring it and showing off to Shu Min during lesson time. Oh wait. It's titled Rainbow over Waikiki Beach. It's a phenomenon known in Hawaii as 'Liquid Sunshine'. Ah beautiful. Thats one thing I want to see before I die. It was a pleasant surprise and yes I like the postcard very much. Thanks kor (:

Once a meanie, always a meanie. Once a devil, never an angel.
Short-term memory might cure more than a sorry does.
Some people are SO insensitive that I cant believe they exist in this world. How sad.

For today's entry, other than those stuff which were events for today, all those words which might sound unpleasant or hurting, they are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. They might have been sprouted in a fit of anger with no offence intended. Just some harsh reactions of a teenage girl, like how some people tease others without thinking it through their brain =x

Some random stuff before I end this post, Shu Min did something amazing today. She actually said 'YO!' to someone with the 'hip hop hand sign' and I nearly laughed my head off. LOL.

We were actually motivated after watching Campus Superstar and sang our lungs out on the bus going to Toa Payoh Interchange. Yes it might be out of tune and sound horrific and unpleasant to the ears but who cares as long as we are happy =)


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