Tuesday, January 3

orientation 2006 day 1

woohoo. I am having a not-really-like-sore-throat-but-sth-like-sore-throat type of sore throat now. I was busily clearing my throat last night but today during year1 orientation I could scream and squeak when I saw Darren early in the morning. LOL

Alright. Yup thats what this post will be about. Javier just asked me about the ps i love you sountrack i bought. LOL yes I really bought the cd because of that guardian angel song. And hey i love it to bits. Kept playing it again and again. Why? Cos it reminds me of him. Ap laa. Somehow the songs I hear nowadays remind me of him. Even that year1 level song, Zhi Zu by MayDay. Ah.

Anyway today's Day 1 of orientation. The usual you can expect. All the year1 students were very... SUPER quiet. But that was the beginning. Well they are just shy laa. Btw we call them year1 students because they are in dhp and will not be taking o'lvls.

Icebreakers and making of identities was quite of a mess and i nearly screamed till my throat tore. I remembered when I was in sec1... I was as unresponsive and super duper quiet. Why? Cos I was traumatised on the early morning of first day of school. I was a girl with super low self- esteem then.. i still am now jus that the only difference is my self-esteem goes up and down, up and down like the stock market. Yup nvm about that first. Talkin about my first day in dhs, it was a traumatising experienced. My dad fetched me to school as usual. I was feeling super uncomfortable in that ultra-big blouse and long skirt. My fringe was long so I tied it back and i looked like an ahma. But thats not the mainpoint.

I was at the foyer with so many PSLs at that time. Then I approached one, putting up a brave front and asked him/her (i cant rmb) how to get to my classroom which was 1D at that time.

He/she told me to follow a PSL in front of me to my classroom instead of accompanying me there. OH MY. Imagine how traumatised i was kaes. I know its no point digging out my history and trying to investigate who's that ap PSL or whatever. But yea. the mainpoint is when one is in a totally new environment... he/she needs time to adapt. Take now for example, I am a noisy person. Ap at times. Nosey. Bimbotic or whateveryoucallit. But hey I've grown out of that period of quietness though i still indulge in my quiet moments sometimes...

Anyway i dont blame the year1 students from being so quiet on the first day of school. Wo shi guo lai ren. I understand the feeling. Even though I felt like a failure, but hey i enjoyed it. YOu know what? One of my new year resolutions is to live every moment. So even if i tore my throat from screaming and motivating the class to cheer, I treasure it. I appreciate having the pleasure to motivate the class... Wheee hey i sound noble dont i?

LOL. Alright. tomorrow shall be a better yet busy day. There's cca exhibition and i have TWO ccas plus sc duty... So i guess you will see me running about like a lunatic. Dont laugh cos I am living that particular moment. And you are definitely wasting your time if you watch me running about and think that i must be crazy. You can really spend the time doing something else (:

Cheers. Anzio ROCKS.


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