Sunday, January 8

raining. raining. raining

ah its raining raining raining and raining non-stop. It has been raining the whole day. The sky is dark... the weather is wet but hey I am motivated and inspired =D

I've done some constructive stuff today... like tabulating the evaluation forms for 3E's dhs xplore, copied out the 10-day timetable onto a orange and pink paper then cutting them into a size small enough to fit into the folder in my handbook. I listened to Mayday songs... and I wrote an agenda for tomorrow's CNY games comm meeting though I havent contact the comm members yet. I am feeling tired cos of the rainy season but no i am not going to waste time sleeping. I am not going shopping today, meaning i wont be able to get birthday presents and gifts for Anzio. ohno. Heather from Anzio smsed me and the other SCs and thanked us for their transformation from a stoning class to the most enthu class!!! WHEE. Anzio's my pride. I am SO proud of them.

Cushka's my pride too. Took them for orientation last year. I dont visit them anymore but I do see them in school sometimes. Hm two groups from cushka won in the dhs xplore. WHOA. WHEE. They rawk!

Hm I havent touch hongloumeng for the past week... with the orientation and amazing races as excuses. but right now, I am still procrastinating to read it. Why? Cos I just dont feel like reading it. It's too chim for a sotong like me. And I know I am going to flunk the kaocha. Wah what a good start for year 2006. How? Yea I am motivated. but not to read that book. I cant remember what I read and I forgot where I stopped, meaning I have to reread the book... What happened to my new year resolutions??!!

Anyway my diet has offically started... I have no idea when is the exact day it started but I managed to shed off one kilo after running about around Singapore for amazing races. And from then, fearing that the kilo will come back to haunt me, i started to eat less... and I kept drinking sour stuff. I drank lemon-lime juice from Mac on friday night after orientation finale night and a lemonade yesterday during lunch. And the acidity has resulted in my tummy feeling funny these few days.

I lost my voice and so I cant sing. But i still sing just that it sounds alot awful-er. My voice is funny. I can still talk alot and even scream but my voice sounds funny. Dont tell me I've lost my unique and sweet voice. AW =P

I want to update some stuff on my wishlist but I wanna switch off the laptop soon cos I have been spending the past hours with it on and music blasting out from the speakers. Well I will switch it off after i send a quotation to my dad's client.

Hm I want to get a water bottle... I saw some nice ones in a shop at TM. I want a pencil case... saw a pink one at one shop in citylink mall. I want a cordless phone cos i dont like to talk on the phone with restricted movements. I want more wristbands particularly for my left wrist. ARGH. I have to live with wrist bands and wrist guards from that fateful day onwards. aw. I am sick of the black Nike wrist band which I am wearing right now. Hey if you are nice and want to get a birthday present for me this year, maybe you can get me some nice wrist bands... =D

I have started wearing a watch since last december... cos I came to a conclusion that if i wear a watch on my left wrist then people who are thoughtful enough wont grab my wrist and spoil my watch. Thoughtful and wise people like JueHui... Yesterday juehui held my forearm beside the watch... whee. But if you are someone from my clique or my good friend or classmate or whatever, and you grab my wrist accidentally or without knowing it, its ok. I wont hate you. But well for some people who have just said something which i considered to be very offfensive and inconsiderate and then grab my wrist with my watch, wahahas. good luck.

yup yup. and if you see me wearing a wristband on my left wrist, please do not think that i am trying to act cool or whatever. I dont see the need to act cool. And it's super uncomfortable to wear something tight and sweat-absorbing on your wrist.

All above contents are not supposed to be offensive. So do take those words with a pinch of salt =D I know that people who read my blog are nice people =)

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