Monday, January 9

chronicles of sotong

ah I am back from school... first official schoolday of year 2006. Aw the weather's still bad. It's still raining, raining and raining nonstop. Boohoo. Tell me. When will the rain stop?! This morning I dropped by Anzio and talked to them. Felt apologetic that I didnt get any gifts for them yet all thanks to the rainy weather laa. At 7am, I climbed up to the FOURTH storey to meet up my cny comm members for a mtg. Apparently my legs will always stop walking at the THIRD storey. And like what I was telling Shu Min, Jue Hui and the others, our legs' walking limit is only till the third storey and maybe becos our legs have adapted to that...

Anyway yup. So erh supposed to have SC mtg after school but it has been postponed to Thursday. Had lunch with Shue Ling. Bought from the rice stall. Ah that auntie filled my plate with rice and side dishes as usual. I cant finish the rice apparently. After lunch, we took bus home together and ah. Two sotong-ish incidents happened and of cos the sotong involved is me laa. Like duh? But before I tell you more about that, two of my fellow schoolmates have sotongish incidents today. LOL one is Colin. and one is MengShuen. Eh the one about Colin still makes me want to laugh everytime i think about it. but i shant elaborate in case i get accused of being a big mouth =X But hey i had a good laugh in the morning. I am sure Geneve did too. Mengshuen is a sotong cos he forgot to bring the evaluation forms for the amazing race and he claimed that he didnt know about it. Nvm its ok.

Alright now about my sotong-ish incidents. It is super sotong-ish laa. After eating lunch, me and shueling headed to the side gate, in hope that it will be unlocked so that we can get to the bus stop without getting drenched. On our way there, I saw this guy heading to the side gate and i thought he looked like Kenneth from SC. I mean around the same height and some resemblance so I said hi to him. Then he said hi back. Ok. Then i thot he looked a bit unfamiliar so i turned back and looked at him and he looked at me and asked 'do i know you?' That verified my doubt. He is NOT that Kenneth. It was super embarrassing especially when I am a senior in the school now. Ahh. Shue Ling kept laughing laa. argh. ultimate malu-ness.

Then on the bus, i was feeling thirsty after talking to Shue Ling and becos I didnt take a drink after eating the nice nice pork with curry... I took out my water bottle and drank, taking note that the bus had stopped at a traffic but after a few seconds of me sipping from my water bottle, the bus started moving and my hands were jerked so water splashed from the water bottle onto my blouse and nose =.- piangz.

Super embarrassing. I told shueling not to tell people about this event but now that I have announced it here, i guess its no longer a secret. It's embarrassing but it's a moment of my life =D Two sotong-ish events in a row. Shue Ling named it 'chronicles of sotong' wheee. I might collate all the stories into a fanfic one day and title it that. Wahahas. It's like a bit copied for Colin's blog url but theres a comic titled chronicles of duno wad and theres a movie called chronicles of narnia. Aiya so doesnt matter laa (:

I realised today that shumin can be quite dao during lessons. She has this stern look which scares me sometimes. I am scared of fierce people... and people who dont smile. I know not everyone smiles like i do... i smile like every few seconds laa. But when i dont smile i look dao. I was told that i looked dao and like people owe me money like that. I can remember who said that but i am not telling =P My dad's one example. He dont smile very often laa. But i like to see him smile. Wahahas. I like to smile and see people smile. If i smile at someone and he/she dont smile back i will feel very dejected. Really. I am very sensitive and an unreturned smile can be very demoralizing. Or at least for me laa.

So hor i therefore come to a conclusion that if i smile at you, please be nice and smile back at me. If i say hi to you, say hi back even though i might have recognize the wrong person yet again! =D

There is this laminated card on the wall beside me now which reads:

A smile brings inspiration to the discouraged, cheer to the sad and warmth to the troubled. Share your smile, give someone a beautiful day.

Yep! Share your smile. Gimme a beautiful day (:

But hor~!! CAUTION. PLEASE TAKE NOTE. the smile which you return me must be sincere and comes from your heart =) i dont like fake smiles kaes. I know laa. sometimes just to be polite you fake out a smile. Sigh. But at least you take the effort to move some muscles.

It takes less muscles to smile than to frown. (I forgot how many muscles it takes to smile and to frown respectively =X)

Ms Chia is our Physics teacher this year and she taught us some stuff regarding our test next week today. Yays. I like her very much... I can understand what she taught. And she told us that she is a sotong. Wahahahas. My fellow sotong =)

Wrote cards for Wan Ting and Ruth today. They went to 4C.. not in dhp anymore. Ohno wait... I think i forgot to write on Ruth's card... Sheesh. I heard Huanglin or dunno who telling the class to go and sign on the cards if they havent... and i forgot i didnt sign on Ruth's card. Ohno. One more thing up on my chronicles-of-sotong list. How? boohoo. I miss them lo. Though i dunno them every well but they are nice.. Did geog proj... the skit with ruth before. Went to her house. Very nice. She is a very easygoing and cheerful girl...

Wan Ting is my basketball playmate... Always play bball with her during PE lessons. We have mo qi de worr. Did MPP project with her last year. Got to know her during the project de... Very thoughtful and sweet girl. She gave me a bracelet she made herself... Aw. Miss them loads. Maybe i will get something for them =D Let's hope that the rain stops soon so that i can step out of my house to go shopping.

It was freezing cold in school today laa. I am waiting for the fila jacket my mom promised me if i manage to slim down. Apparently i am not doing anything about my diet. I have been snacking on the nice nice cracker my dad's taiwanese client bought for us from taiwan. I tried to share them everytime i snack on them... with say my grandma and brother. Hm. sharing is a good way of reducing the calories consumed. That 1kg i lost didnt come back and I hope that more kgs will say byebye to me.

This year got prom nite lehs. Ok la. I was being suan-ed by some NICEEE kor that no guys will ask me to prom. Nah its ok. I will just spend the nite with my girlfriends provided that they dont zhong sei qing you and leave me in the lurch. My girlfriends are all pretty pretty de wor. So if they have dates for that special night, well i will be understanding enough to just stay at home =P i am not desperate. it's still long long way to go laa.

Yi Ling gave us ball-like thingy souvenirs she bought from Thailand. Jh got a tigger-ball. Shu Min got a eyeball-ball and i got a spiderman-ball. Its something sticky and soft. And when you throw it onto a flat surface it will flatten then slowly raise up. Lent the guys in my cls mine then they started throwing about and dirtying it. then twin is nice... she poured water onto my hand which was holding the ball to wash it. And the water dripped onto my skirt and i looked like i urinated on my skirt. ARGH.

We were told to form groups of min. 4 max.6 ppl for LA documentary making. Me, sm, jh, yl, yy and eileen formed a group then apparently the class wants to draw lots. Ohwells. fate always meddles...

Well talking about smiles right, I remember his smiles. Actually i am sorta getting over him... his departure. losing him. I mean its like Gemini's about communication.We didnt keep in touch for so long that i feel like i am thinking about someone who dont exist. He exists. He always exists. once in my heart, forever in my memories. I know i have to get on with life. He may not be with me throughout my life journey. But i am contented that at least i got to know him.

His smiles are always contagious. His smiles never fail to make me smile. He always scolded me but with a smile. and that smile told me that he dont mean it. He used to smile alot... but slowly his smiles lessened. Maybe because the ugliness and cruelty of the adult world started to burden him. I think he dont smile that often nowadays. I really hope to see his smile again. Just once. He is someone who's hard on the outside and soft in the inside... I saw through him. I saw through his tough outlook. He's not tough at all...

You can never be too generous with smiles. Some people look great when they smile. One example: my dad (: but still girls like me who smile every few seconds still ok laa. If guys smile too often i will get a weird feeling... I dont smile that often actually. I have my solemn moments too esp when i am feeling moody or ap. I can even look grumpy. Ask Juehui or anyone who went on the germany trip. I get really catty when i am ap and i was really ap during the trip. Some parts laa.

Ah ha. Yesterday's charity show. I almost cried when i saw the monk cried. He was really disappointed and devastated when he saw how slow the number of calls was increasing. And he was worried that his uncompleted performance might affect the funds raised. But Singaporeans didnt disappoint him. We are still a generous lot. I called the hotline twice.

I really look up to Ming Yi Fa Shi. Not just becos I am also a Buddhist. But also because community service is my passion and raising funds for charity is a part of community service. He is really a role model. His courage way bypasses that of a normal being. Yea that Mr Khoo who broke the Guinness World Record also has courage but it's a different thing. The monk did it for the local needy. Mr Khoo did it for the pride of Singapore. Yes they are both Singaporeans. anyway no offence intended ok.

The monk really steps out to raise funds for the needy. Durai should feel ashamed of himself. Yea Ming Yi Fa Shi always steps out to do his part to raise funds and not only that. The stunts he did were always the most dangerous and challenging one and they never failed to become the climax of the show. He is really a good role model.

Clara will be performing on Campus Superstar tonight. I am definitely watching it. WHEE. I should be going offline now. I must have some self discipline these days.

Ok something motivational before I go off:

Life, to be worthy of a rational being, must be always in progression.


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