Saturday, January 21

sc investiture rehearsal

WHEE. I am back blogging, arent you glad? LOL

I havent blog for days cos I was busy like duh. So many things had happened. And i even suffered from mild depression this week. Bummer. And I got TAGGED twice. Once by Shu Min and then by Taxy. So well am I like supposed to write ten (?!) weird and random facts about myself? Are you sure you want to know the weird things about me? LOL. Let me noe by tagging on my tagboard will ya? ><

I am finally charging my darling zen now. Havent been listening to it after the battery went flat a few days ago. Miss it like crazy. Now listening to Jay songs on my laptop- shan hu hai. Its a duet. And obviously it rawks. Jay Chou always rawks =D I just realised that I didnt blog for one whole week and I cant believe I survived that! So where should i begin from ? Why not from today? No no. From Monday ? Ok Monday that is cos I hear no objection. LOL sorrie abt the lameness. Alright I try to recall what happened then.

SHEESH. I cant remember what happened on Monday. Oh no. I remember now!! First two periods were LA lecture in the auditorium. 4 dhp classes together. Last year's lectures only two classes together. Hm not very used to it but its definitely more comfortable in the auditorium ;) Er I think Mr Ken introduced some stuff about Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker if i didnt remember wrongly... Quite interesting lecture. After that was PE. Played volleyball. What can I say other than my volleyball skills is lousy? My skills havent improved one bit at all. My serve or surf or whatever has magnitude. Super high. But no direction. Its always heading in the slanted direction. Oh my.

For Maths we did Trigo identities. One of my favourite! Ah talking about that I havent started any tuition. I am not sure if i should get physics and maths tuition cos the teachers this year, Ms Chia and Ms Lim are quite good. As in I can understand what they are teaching and they are approachable so maybe I no need to spend extra bucks on tuition. For chem, I am not saying Mrs Phua is not approachable kaes. She is one of the teachers I respect most. I love Chem and I hope to become a teacher like her. I might need Chem tuition to keep up my standard. We have homework for trigo identities and I havent done it.

Geography lessons are seemingly a torture these days. I am not trying to be rebellious, mean or anything. But I miss Ms Pear. I shall not comment further. Chemistry. Mrs Phua was absent. So we just did our own stuff like studying for physics. The test was on tuesday. Then we had assembly in the hall. About necessary safety precautions to take against terrorism etc. They gave out awards and I got the cheque for Eagles Award (: There was a SC meeting after that. Many people congratulated me. Thanks (: The rest of the day was spent studying physics. And I was worrying badly about the test. Dont want to flunk the first test. Ms Chia rekindled my interest in Physics. Hm ok laa I have never really liked physics before. It was in fact one of my fears in history. But this year I am determined to excel in it and not disappoint Ms Chia =D

Tuesday. 17 January. First two period was geog. Major boohoo. But I survived it. Two periods for Physics. Had the test. It was easier than I expected but I cant guarantee I will do well. I should never put my hopes too high in case I fall from the sky and land down hard on my butt =P After the test, did work energy power. Interaction period... Hmm I think we discussed our class tee and cny decorations i think. Watched a movie 'tui shou' for HCL. Very nice show. The front part was really boring. Actions with no dialogue. And for someone as talkative as me, i seriously cant stand silence. I can be very quiet but I feel very awkward inside. Chatted with Shu Min during some parts of the movie but we understood the movie's plot. Didnt finish watching it.

For LA we watched Heavenly Creatures. A creepy 'horror' movie. We will be analyzing the movie and the novel I think. Yup and stupid laa. It wasnt a horror movie. Quite interesting in fact... Its about the friendship between two girls with totally opposite personality and the friendship was too close to be permitted... Yea something to that sort. And I actually gave a small scream when watching the film. Thanks to Shumin! There was this particular part where the two girls were placing out photos of their idols who will be gods in their fourth world. Then one of the photos was taken away by one of the girls and then the lighting in the film was dark... then suddenly the photo moved then Shu Min nudged me I stared at the screen then I screamed. Cos the photo was on moving water. LOL so dorts and malu laa. We didnt manage to finish watching the movie but we watched one disc.

After LA was Chem and Mrs Phua's on MC. Aw. Hope she's feeling better now. After lunch break was Maths... Did Congruency I think. Then Biology. I cant remember what we did. Should be some revision on Homeostasis which is what we will be tested on for the test on thursday, together with excretion.

After lessons, we rushed down to 1L classroom for CSC welcome tea party. We were late by 15 minutes. Then hm played icebreakers. Not really a success but it was good effort (: It was not a success cos some people refused to cooperate. Things will be better next time (: I have something to add to my chronicles of sotong. We played murderer and I was one of the murderer. And I didnt know that murderer can die de!!! I was supposingly to be killed a few times but I just ignored the one squeeze on my hand. LOL. Sorrie. my mistake.

Then Ms Tan gave a talk. Then my turn to give a talk. It was really awkward and I nearly let my temper get the better of me. I think I vented a bit but lucky I controlled it. Then we picked our mortal. I wonder who is my angel!! We havent play for class and art club and SC but i am really excited. Wahahas. is one of the events which I really look forward too. Its an occasion where everyone shows their love for each other. Even friends. Not just lovers. And its a tradition to play angel& mortal in dhs. I am sure the occasion will be even more impt to me when I have a special someone to spend it with me but fate has it. hahas. I leave it to fate. I shall just enjoy my freedom of being single currently and treasure my friendships (:

Wow thats a whole lot of digression eh. Ok ok. Erh back to the CSC welcome tea party. After the talk, we finally partied. We ate the chocolate cake which was bought and brought to school by Yuxin. The cake was mostly creamed with only one or two layers of sponge cake. Calories. but i swallowed it down and I punished myself later on. Read on. Erm ohya we sang before we ate. Sang zhen xin ying xiong and dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui. Then i was super high and was swaying and stuff but not everyone was enthu and it was kinda disappointing. It reminded me of SC and PSB. We were always singing and dancing together? Very wen xin. But the population of CSC compared to that of SC is very small laa. So yup. I really like it when everyone sings together. Like Year1 orientation finale night. Aw. I miss Anzio.

Hm ok then erh we cleaned up. Helped Ms Tan to bring stuff to staffroom. Then took bus home with PeiYu. I didn?t know she had biology test the next day and she actually waited quite long for me at the foyer. Aw. Sorrie!!! I think I apologized for a lot of times already but I still that they were not enough. I feel so mean. Wanna know how I punished myself for being guilty of eating the chocolate cake? I walked home from Aljunied MRT. WAHAHAS. Ok Actually its no big deal and not much calories can be burnt but at least a portion of it was burnt. So I shall burn it portion by portion lo =D

Wednesday. First two period of Physics. Did work energy power. Geog was next. Then Biology. We started on the chapter on Nerves. Then we did some experiments in class I think. Then during recess, JueHui and I went to look for the Year 1 students who have indicated CSC as one of their CCA choices to give them the application forms for the interview. Some malu incidents happened. Why do malu and sotong incidents always happen to me!!??

First malu incident happened in 1A. Ms Ling was inside the classroom. Asked her if I can see the students. Then I think my dialogue had some grammar errors and she was correcting them. LOL. She seemed to be in a good mood then.

Second malu incident: I forgot about the switching of classrooms between 1G and 2G so I went to 1G and asked for the year 1 students only to realize that the class was 2G. Wang lao shi was there at that time. MALU.

Third incident: Went to 1B to look for the students. Wu lao shi was teaching then then I spoke to her in a mixture of Mandarin and English. She requested me to speak in proper mandarin and phew lucky I managed to do it. But it was malu? esp in front of the year1s.

After recess was Maths then HCL. Continued watching ?Tui Shou? Shared our opinions about the film. Oh I just realized HCL on that day is 3-period long. The FOURTH malu incident happened during HCL. We were halfway through watching the film when this guy came into the classroom and spoke loudly to the class, ?May I see Annabal please.? ANNABAL?!! Alamak. The whole class laughed. Even JLS. LOL. So malu. I think my face was red lo. That guy was handing in the application form for csc interview then subsequently some more year1 students came and looked for me. Ah. Popular I am huh. Ultimate maluness.

After lunchbreak was E& I. I wasn?t paying attention? Not able to focus on what was taught? The first part was the ?tin can discussion? LOL. I must say that the can is very nice? That?s the only thing I was interested in then.

After that was Chemistry. Went to chem. Lab to do experiment. ShuMin, JueHui and I sat at the last bench. Yays. Love chem. Prac. The prac was quite fun. Mrs Phua looked tired and like she haven?t fully recovered yet. Take care, mrs phua.

Took bus with Pei Yu after lessons. So much to talk about. Decided to go out together the next day. To watch Memoirs of the Geisha! Met Wen Jian at the bus stop and he said he heard that year1 guy called me Canonball. OMG. Then went home to pia biology. Didn?t have a good night sleep. Too worried about biology. I didn?t finish my revision. Ohya and it was Jay Chou's birthday. Happy birthday my idol!!

Thursday 19 January. Ah it was Colin's birthday. Happy Birthday!!! Cool, one day after jay's birthday x)

Early in the morning, my stomach felt funny. Tummyache I think. And it lasted for a few hours lo. Argh. Shu Min and I suspected I got food poisoning but lucky no. Anyway first two period were geog. Argh Interaction period was supposedly to be used by class comm. And they let us do our self study for biology test but Mdm Nora stole it =( Wasn?t able to study Biology. Recess was piaing for Bio lo. Then Chemistry was discussion and exchanging of answers. Then physics, Ms Chia wrapped up the Work Energy Power chapter. Biology test in the lab. Argh I couldn?t finish the test. I mean I attempted all the questions but I didn?t have time to check and I forgot what is the top chambers of the heart called. STUPID.

Then we did dissection of the pig?s eyeball. Super disgusting. There is this black liquid coming out the eye then we the lens got digged out. Some jelly-like stuff. The words on the newspaper were magnified when we placed it on the newspaper. Cool. Then the guys were fooling around with the eyeball. Kenny actually posed with the eyeball? putting it over his index finger. Nicholas kept comparing the eyeball to the edible food. Argh. I didn?t really dissect the eyeball. I just touched it. Soft and sticky. And scary with lotsa fats.

After lessons, went for CSC interviews. The interviews were quite good. Those year1 we interviewed were not bad. After the interviews, went to Orchard with Pei Yu and Eugene. Btw sorrie to Eugene, for making you wait for 1 hour plus in school. Sorrie :S Went to Heeren to buy Colin's birthday present. Ya I know. Buying the present on his actual birthday is funny but we didn?t have time to get it. Bought something from his wishlist and apparently the present is in nicely wrapped in my bag now! Havent give him yet lo. Super belated liaos.

After that me and Peiyu went to Cineleisure while Eugene went off for his Jap lessons. We didn?t manage to watch Memoirs of the Geisha. But we caught In Her Shoes instead. We missed the beginning of the movie but it was really nice. It?s about two sisters and their friendship. One of them was named Maggie in the movie and it was acted by Cameron Diaz. No wonder she looked familiar throughout the movie. I only realized it was her after the movie was over.

By then it was nearly 7pm. Aw. So late so couldn?t shop anymore. Headed back home. Settled CCA stuff till quite late. Wrapped present and replied postcards.

Friday? Finally~ Hm some things happened during HCL. And I don?t think I will narrate what happened. But seriously I was being ap, totally ap then. Wasn?t in a good mood and it kinda affected the morale of the group. But the indecisiveness really put me off. I am not trying to be mean or anything. I know the people involved read my blog. I am just stating what I felt at that point of time and whatever it is, it?s a fact that we have to get the project done kaes. And I apologize if any of you felt offended by my actions at that point of time Cos honestly it was better if I kept quiet and I am glad I did if not I might have sprouted out some nonsensical stuff that might not be pleasant to the ear or to the heart. It helps to be sensitive and decisive.

Anyway after HCL was bio. Did some experiments with our eyes. Went to pass the year1s some stuff regarding CSC second interview again. I went alone. I needed time alone. After recess was Maths. We did frequency distribution. Very fun. I like drawing histograms (: Mr Kiw came in for CME. The girls were told to clip up our fringe. I think I looked toot but ohwells. After that was LA. Split up into our LA groups and did the text questions. We headed to the study area to do it. Couldn?t finish so we took it home to do.

Jue Hui and I were late for Art Club and we were fined one buck each cos comm. Member has to pay double. Boohoo. Discussed stuff for art club orientation. Interacted with the year1 students who came for the interview. There were 5 from Anzio. WHEE. I didn?t take lunch so I kept counting down to tea break which is at 4pm. And I think I irritated Dawn, Vina and Jue Hui with my counting down. Oops =X

I was ecstatic when lunch break finally came. Ate noodles plus wanton. The yellow noodles contain a lot of calories but don?t care laa I was hungry. After lunch, I was bloated but had to run back to Art Room to avoid getting fined again. Me and Jue Hui chionged back to art room only to get a funny feeling in our tummies afterwards. Argh. My horoscope told me that I will have gastric problems this year and I think its true. I suffered from mild diarrhoea when I drank lemonade and lemon-lime juice a few weeks or months back. Then when I am stressed my stomach hurts. Grr. This is bad.

Then we started working on our amazing race. I was very high then? Kept singing cheers and songs. Then yong kit who is not in the comm. Came into our ?office? in the art room. I was high at that time so I started singing awfully on purpose to shoo him out of the room cos no one initiated to invite him out of the room and hey it worked! LOL. What an achievement. Me and Jue Hui also went to the take some cardboards from the drink stall uncle for our amazing race. And the cardboards were like real big. JueHui was a pro at cutting the cardboards. Hahas. Being a part of art club is really great. It totally takes my mind of my worries. But well since they are called worries, its their nature to come back to haunt you. Just like how my worries came back to haunt me. Sigh.

My dad came to fetch me after art club. And it was almost seven. Then hm ya Saturday which is today. Went to school at 9am for service learning project mentor meeting session. My group?s mentors are Wei Qi and Zi Yong from JCs. Discussed and stuff. I was feeling rather awkward and the situation quite tensed and silent. I told you I hate silence. Silence usually causes me to be depressed. LOL.

At ten, I met Shu Min at the foyer then went to sec3 wallless classroom. They announced the departments we are in and I am in Level Council which was my second choice. First was Publicity and Communication. Ah its raining now! Anyway ya I am the chairperson of level 4 which is the oldest post in the whole of level council somehow. I was quite shocked when I learnt that I got into Level council. Some other year4s in the council are Li Hui who is the secretary, Michelle the vice-chair and Colin who is in level council and student welfare. Yup yup.

Then we got into our various departments and sat down? supposedly to interact with one another I think. But my level 4 council was quite quiet. Hahas. I was not very enthu then. Cos tired bahs. I didn?t really sleep the past few nights due to tests and cca stuff and the tiredness piled on me when everything is over. I am definitely not starting my year off right. Oh my. Then Li Hui found teens mag in my bag then she started flipping through it with Zara.

Ohya before that Shu Min was apparently sprouting nonsense to Li Hui. ERHEM Miss Koh Shu Min. Just what do you want?! >< Naughty meanie! Michelle was stoning I think. Colin was reading Daughters of Heaven which is the novel version of Heavenly Creatures. I took out my Gemini 2006 horoscope book. Then Colin borrowed it. Lol. I had HLM in my bag but I procrastinated to read it. Argh. So fed up with myself. What happened to my new year resolution?! Then at some point of time, one of the group started singing birthday songs. We joined in but dunno who?s birthday. Discovered that it was Claire?s and Ming Quan?s birthdays. Happy birthday to Claire and Ming Quan!

Went to toilet with Shu Min and she found this faeces model outside one of the classrooms. It was done by Kenny last year I think and it?s a model of Cecilia?s favourite item in the world, right after Hello Kitty. Then Shu Min was cleaning it in the toilet and even brought it to show the other SCs. The wallless classroom was painted by the lower sec art club yesterday and they left all the stuff lying around. Ah how inconsiderate. The paint can was not covered. Argh.

Anyway after some time, we got into our arrangement for the investiture. Waited very long at the wallless. Then finally proceeded to the hall. Then we rehearsed walking up the stage and receiving our badges from the principal. When it was my turn, I received an imaginary badge and shook hands with Bao Jia who was acting as the principal then. Then I turned back and walked just to realize that I?ve overshot where my department was standing. Super malu!!! Shumin was shouting ?Sotong!? Embarrassing. Then after me was Michelle then Li Hui then Colin. When Colin got onto the stage some people applauded. Dunno why. Then shumin said he nearly repeated my sotong act. LOL.

After a while, we were told that year4 scs also have to be present for the investiture on Monday argh. Means I have to wear that white long-sleeved shirt. I?ve survived it for one year. I will continue to survive wearing it. Cheers.

I seriously need a power adaptor to charge my zen . I cant possibly on the computer every time just to charge it. This year is DHS?s kaleidoscope year and all the music and performing groups have their concerts. Out of 6 concerts I will be going to 5 and the cost amounted to 58 bucks. Ah. How? So much money lehs. I guess I think to survive on instant noodles to save up. I have a whole lots of things on my wishlist as well.

Oh ya here are some quotes from ?In her shoes? movie? if I didn?t remember them wrongly :

Wasabi makes everything better.

I carry your heart. I carry your heart in my heart. (Some more sentences but i cant remember)It?s this wonder that keeps the stars apart.

Ah that?s all for now. What a long entry. I will update on the 5 or 10 weird facts later on. Stay tune. And btw i watched fear factor last night and Allan Wu, the actor was actually one of the contestant or whatever you call it. He super seh and his body build is worth millions of thumb-ups. Just like my dad =D muscular. Tay Ping Hui's not bad too. Woohoo. He didnt win the money. He was so close. He got to the third round and lost by 2 seconds to the other guy laa. GRR. But well he did his best cheers (:


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