Saturday, January 28

cny eve

Whoa the previous weekdays' workload was too much for me to handle so it's quite natural that I didnt blog for the rest of the week other than monday. According to Chip's tag, it appeared that even though i've changed my style of blogging, the post is still VERY long. LOL. Hope that you wont mind. I guess my style is reorganised but still long =P

I've been sleeping really late for the past few days and my mom's really fed up with that. My work seemed to never get done and completed... and the fact that the CNY games and YLMP project's nearing deadlines are not helping at all.

I've yet to call Janice regarding the collaboration of DHS with HRSS. I've just smsed her and she havent reply. It's like so moronic to talk about project on CNY's eve and in fact, its actually my fault that I didnt call her sooner, like yesterday. But I was tired... all the tiredness piled on me yesterday. and once school ended, I didnt want to have anything to do with studies, projects, responsiblities and duties. Nah reality is too cruel. That was only for a day. All these time-consuming stuff came back to me as soon as they could. They just refused to give me some time to breath. Terrible.

Some highlights of the week:

1. We had HLM kaocha yesterday. I didnt manage to finish reading the notes I printed the previous night. But well they proved to be useless cos they were on the main characters while the topic that jls picked for me was on liu lao lao. Not too bad. I just hoped that whatever I wrote was relevant. jls analysed liu lao lao for us last yr but I didnt bother to find the notes and revise. Ah. Jingles helped me with a few points during the test. Ah thanks loads (:

2. CNY games briefing after flag raising. Ah it was totally messy and impromptu. I didnt know what to brief about. So I just double checked everything with the station masters. It was really messy laa. Ok this is random.

3. On thursday, juehui, charmaine, cecilia and I stayed back to do art club noticeboard. We drew and cut out lots and lots of 'maggots'. LOL ok ok. Ingots i mean. I just like referring to them as maggots =P bleahz. Then yup I stayed till 5pm and I was kinda worried for my HLM test lo. I didnt manage to finish reading the book =X Left 3 chapters but luckily!! I got liu lao lao to analyze. Phew.

4. Then on Wednesday tuesday if I didnt remember wrongly, I waited in school till 7pm plus for my dad to fetch me. It was like so late and I had to wait outside the school gate with a heavy stack of books and a blazer. Hm i think should be tuesday. Yups. Confirm guarantee plus chop. It's on tuesday.

A bit of digression here, my dad just brought his parrot cockatoo back from his office. My wallpaper is that of a jack russell puppy. And my group's ylmp project is with a rabbit organization. And this year's a doggie year (: That sums up to I am starting to be an animal lover =D but one problem is, becos I havent interact with animals for quite some time, I have some fear towards them. I scared they will bite or bark or something laa. Nvm, gimme time and I will overcome this fear WHEE. one more new year resolution: overcome fear towards animals and shower them with love.

5. I went to Parkway Parade yesterday. Hm was supposed to cut my hair at EC shop. But becos that store was temporary one, it disppeared when I went there yesterday. Ah. Erm then i was sneezing non-stop at one point of time argh. Went to hello! shop to ask for recontract for my internet plan. Met Mrs Soh!!! Talked to her... Then I saw lotsa nice nice phones!!! Aw. But I am broke now. And even after I get money from my angbaos I am not going to spend them wholly on a expensive handphone kaes. I will get a few items off my wishlist and deposit the rest in the bank... so that it will grow (: Anyway my dad brought us to TM cos theres another EC shop there. But we reached there at 9 plus and they closed at 930pm so they refused to take another customer. GRR. So we went to Crystal Jade to use the vouchers my mom got. I ordered Chicken and Mushroom Congee. My all time favourite. Plus Soya bean drink. Yummy. Wanted to get my pink Billabong Water Bottle from 77th street but I remembered that my wallet had not a single cent at that time. Pathetic. So I can only wish upon a star.

6. This morning, had some conflicts with my mom and brother. Ate Lor Mee for breakfast. Went for a haircut which costs 16 bucks. ARGH. CNY mahs so double the price but my hair's alot neater now and I dont have to fret about how I am going to style my hair tomorrow. LOL. I am still in a dilemma as to whether I should wear contact lens tomorrow. I've decided on my attire... Some pink pooh shirt and U2 bermudas and pink fila shoes plus converse bag =P sounds bimbotic i noe but whatever. Ohya talkng about the haircut this morning, i trimmed my fringe and it's alot nicer and sweeter now =D

Some things to look forward to:
a) Reunion dinner tonight
b) CNY countdown tonight!!
c) Visiting relatives tomorrow!!
d) Angbaos received!!!!
e) Playing and bonding with cousins!!
f) CNY goodies. Ah must control!
g) DHS CNY celebration.
h) Visiting teachers in GMPS
i) watching of movies?
j) implement of YLMP Project
k) Juehui's birthday! (get her present ppl ;)
l) valentine day gift exchange!
m) angels revealed (angel& mortal games)
n) Art Club Orientation Amazing race!
o) SPHERE Cny celebration with elderly
p) chemistry tuition
q) chemistry test
r) cny noticeboard competition results
s) cny intercls games results
t) my birthday =P

thats all for now! Happy Lunar New Year!!


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