Thursday, January 5

orientation tee got stolen laa wdh

Went for Level 3 Amazing Race today. Well I shall talk about it later. We were given happiness hearts to cut again. And I am not cutting it yet cos I am not happy at all. You will know why very soon. And just a warning, this post is going to be long and in a grumpy tone... some vulgarities might appear here and there though i hate them as much.

On a happier tone, I shall try to talk about yesterday first. I didnt blog cos I was too tired. Aw. It was a fun but tiring day. My dad fetched me to school in the morning with the art club tshirts and a box of CSC door-gifts. Shue Ling and Shu Min helped me to drag the stuff up to Level4. Whee. Thanks so much!

Ok erh I shant go through every single thing that happened. But anyway we took the sec1s back to class after flag raising for administration by form teachers. 1A was delayed due to some stuff and we were late for band performance... 1B waited for us outside band room.

After band, we went to LT for CO performance. They were very ri qing and welcomed us... or rather the sec1s warmly. Saw WanTing, HuiShan, HuiYi, PeiYu and YiLiang. Then they performed... and I realised that Clara from 2d04 is a zu zhang aka section leader. Hahas. Surprising. Then when the percussion section played their piece, i was startled by the loud noise like how I always get when the thunder roars.

After CO, we went to the music practice room for SE performance. Whee twin's cca. There was some human congestion... Alright. The following is a continuation of my 'Chronicles of Sotong' LOL. I didnt take off my shoes cos I didnt intend to go into the room as it was too crowded but twin asked me and the other SCs to go in. Then i just stepped into the room unknowingly that I didnt take off my shoes for we werent suppose to wear shoes into the music practice room. Ah =S

SE performance were cool... they kept playing Twin's favourite song... Jingle Bells. Wahahas. After that we went to the music room for choir performance. Yes here is the scary part aka climax. I've no idea why but they decorated and turned the room into some sort of haunted house. We were welcomed by KangQi and Brandon wearing scary masks. (I didnt know that it's tem after much later laa duh.)

We took off our shoes and went into the room... then someone (I cant remember who) warned me that there's someone inside the cupboard which my back was facing... so i quickly turned around so that I faced the cupboard... Then suddenly and unexpectedly, someone jumped out and I... screamed. Right in that room... yes the room... enclosed with four walls. You can imagine how loud the scream was and how embarrassed I was... esp when the other SCs of 1A and 1B were just beside me laa. Ultimate embarrassment. boohoo.

That guy's Louise laa... Dawn's classmate. His face was powdered and I actually moved back a little when he came over and talked to me. He attempted to strangle Yao Lu. lol. Yao Lu's a brave girl. She was not the least bit scared lorhs.

The room was darkened and we couldnt see who was singing but I think I saw YunYin. Yups after that went to canteen for break.
After the break, we went to the UG exhibitions. Went to Guides&Scouts. then to NPCC then SJAB. After which was the performance by the various UGs. For the Guides&Scouts exhibition, it was very nicely done... and their efforts can be seen. Then saw KengHoe and he was like crapping to some sec1 boys. Then Timothy was doing some weird stuff laa then i kept laughing. Whee I like NP's fancy drill. Always look forward to it during orientation. I've like watched it for 3 years? hahas. Very nicee... esp when the drill is in pace with the fast music. whee. Anyway... SJAB and Guides&Scouts performances were impressive too. Well done (:

After that we went for lunch. Ah thats when I was pissed off. I am not going to elaborate on that. But I lost my appetite and ate really slowly so in the end I threw away like half box of rice. After lunch all the Year4 students including CCA ppl and student councillors were summoned to the auditorium for an important talk by the principal. After that we went for the clubs&societies exhibition. EDS was first but they werent ready when 1A& 1B reached the classroom... So we motivated the year1s to cheer... Not much enthusiasm then. Went into the classroom for EDS introduction& performance... They didnt have much time to present cos over-run. We proceeded to the next classroom which is IT'em Club i think. Their exhibition was very IT... like what Colin said. Hahas. Quite simple but IT laa. The SCs sat on the chairs... then mine was stacked up in three. So I was feeling tall then. I really was MUCH taller ok. Just that it's very scary cos I dont know when the chairs will topple and collapse. Choy! ><

After IT'em club was Chinese Society... They rushed through everything and were pretty organized... I was impressed... They used every single minute... Well done... and they put our timing for the exhibitions back into order so no more over-running. Thanks loads!

After that was Air Rifle Club. Hmm I was leaning on the door and couldnt really hear what the person was introducing... Proceeded to the next which was Wushu. We wasted quite some time walking into and out of the classroom. But the performance was good... Leanne very sehh wor.

Next was.... ART CLUB. Wheeee... We waited at the door for quite a while cos the other class havent leave completely yet. Cecilia and Chip introduced... Then Dawn made use of the time to paint 'Art Club' on my right forearm... Yay. Art Club rawks.... Next was CSC. Whee. CSC rawks too. Gwen did the presentation. The powerpoint was done by me... hahas yays. Then got photo presentation... Saw my photos appear quite a few times and it was like so errrr dorts laa. HuanJun said in sarcasm about me being photogenic >< meanie. lol

After that we went to the hall for the performing arts concert where parents of the year1 students were also invited... Watched the concert thrice le. I was i/c of it last year somemore. Lotsa hard work organizing it. Talking about that reminds me of the orientation skit... hahas i was the i/c oso... so-called 'director'. Rehearsals were always fun and ended with laughters. Ah ya. I got to know Shu Min, Eugene, Colin, Shue Ling they all better during the skit de lo =D

Anyway back to the present... When the concert was about to start, a parent sitting behind me started to ask me about the school's CCAs etc. She is Yiping's mother... and Yiping's from 1A... the class I am taking for orientation.

Then Huan Jun came halfway through the concert and passed me this big box filled with CSC orientation stuff. Ms Tan told him to bring to my classroom for me but being a meanie, he brought it to the hall to me personally cos he wanted me to suffer. Boohoo. Then after the concert I carried the big box and gathered 1A. I guess I must have looked pretty helpless... cos quite a number of people including ShueLing and Colin asked if i need help. LOL. Thnks! But i still lugged it to 1A classroom... It was heavy... actually not that heavy but i dunno laa. The weight cannot be defined.

Then we debriefed and cheered outside the classroom. Helped to shift the tables back then headed to the hall for debrief... yes back to the hall again with that big box in my arm! Then i carried it to 4j classroom to get my bag... then realised my dad not free to fetch me back home from school so i left the box in the classroom and took bus home..

Today's amazing race or rather DHS Explore's fun... My morning didnt start out right so I was quite ap and all... but slowly my mood got better... and by the time we returned to dhs to report i was in a happy and chatty mood. Then i was very talkative laa. Even more talkative during debriefing. Ah I missed my group already. It's been a fun day. My partner is nicee... Angela... Got to know many people today. Including some seniors like Angela. Then near the end of the briefing, i was arguing with the E1 and E3 facils about the tabulation of the evaluation... In the end everyone took a part of the stack but i will be totalling up the sum or whatever.

Me and shumin were playing childish games at the bus stop. then on the bus we exchanged happiness hearts... chatted with this senior whose name i dunno...

Hope that my good mood can sustain... but it failed to cos when i reached home i realised that my orientation tee which i just wore yesterday got stolen by some unknown idiotic people. My grandma hung it at the corridor like she always does and poof. its gone. I was so fuming mad lorhs. My mood's better now. Slightly better. Twin's lending me her shirt cos tmr she wont be present for finale night. Yays. Eugene's nice too... he offered to exchange his L-sized shirt for a XL-sized shirt which was extras. Thnks thnks. My twin and kor rawk laa!

Thats about all. ohya. NEVER NEVER insult anything which I hold dearly to my heart... including people. These 'things' include:
a) My family
b) My friends
c) My schools (pri, sec...)
d) My CCAs which are currently art club and community service club
e) My teachers

etc etc etc.

If you are close enough to me to joke about them, i am fine with it. But if you've only known me for like one or two days and you start to shoot your mouth off about the above. You're going to be in my blacklist for sure. Seriously... then if one of my friend insulted my other friend, well I am not sure what i will do cos this really depends on my mood at that point of time. But whatever it is, i think its better not to risk it.

since i am feeling better now... i shall go cut the happiness hearts now lalala. and maybe go on a mission to kill all those irritating blood-suckers mosquitoes in my room cos they bit me last night... terribly. I slept at 10 plus cos i was super tired then i woke up at 130am like that... cos they bit me till my legs itched like crazy. argh. thats about it. bye.

E2 rawks!


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