Tuesday, January 10

thanks to ppl who gave souvenirs

WHEE. I woke up at 830 this morning!!! WAHAHAS. Isnt it like such a miracle?! SEE.. miracles do happen. And I think this year i might need to pray hard for some miracles to take place in my life =P

Anyway I came online to help my dad check his company's email... And I think i forgot to thank those people who bought souvenirs for me from Thailand and US. Here it goes.

Thanks Shue Ling for that nice nice postcard. I will keep it in my file (:

Thanks Yun Yin for the acorn thingy. Sorry for being slow about realising that the small little thingy is actually an acorn. But once you told me that its an acorn, it immediately reminds me of ... CHICKEN LITTLE!! WHEE. I can see that you really put in alot of effort to wrap that small little acorn. So sweet of you. Dont worry about the size of the gift. Size doesnt matter =D and i like the gift very much (:

Thanks Yi Ling for that pink spiderman ball thingy. WAHAHAS. Really like it very much !! I just amazed my brother by showing him the 'magic' and now he's mumbling beside me about why it is not a powerpuff girl LOL. And also a big thank you for that round pig crystal thingy. AH. I LOVE THAT LOADS laa. It's super cute. and I LOVE PIGS!! Not that i am one, ok la i am a piglet but hey i am working on my diet ok!!! Working really hard!! But anyway, thanks for that piggy.

Thanks to Cecilia for the keychain bought from San Francisco. I chose the one with hearts, moon and stars. lol

Thanks to Pei Xin for the squirrel crystal. Its the same as the pig just that its a squirrel duh. AH to think i actually thought it was a racoon. BOOHOO. ya la once a sotong forever a sotong. I even told juehui they all yesterday that peixin gave me a RACOON =.- I am sorrie. hahas its a squirrel.

Thanks to Wan Ting for the handmade bracelet!! Gonna miss you loads. I tied the bracelet from two rubber-band-look-alike thingy which i got from the candycanes to my bag. Whenever i look at it, i will think of you~! (:

Thanks to Eugene (kor) for the swan crystal. You gave me long time ago during SC mtg during the hols. Thanks alot and I like it very much =D

Hm thats about it. Did I miss out any people? If i did please let me know through my tagboard. HEY PPL. I really like the souvenirs very much. It doesnt matter if the souvenir is big or small, its the thought that counts. Thanks for taking the effort to choose the souvenirs for me or to actually transport them back from that country to Singapore. WHEE.

I am easily pleased wahahahas. as long as what i get are surprises. I love surprises as much as I love... erh PINK? wahahas. yup. and rainbows and stars and hearts.

Ohya. Please kindly let me know what you think about my 'chronicles of sotong'. Whether you think its interesting, funny, lame or whatever. No personal attack please. but i can take some jokes (: afterall i am from 4J- jus joking publications. LOL.

Please tag kaes. I really like seeing tags (: It just brightens up my day. So make me happy laa... tag =D

I just heard these two qian bian questions over the radio.

1) Which alphabet(s) do we love to listen to?


2) Which key on the keyboard is the most charming/ zui shuai?

WAHAHAS. I am not telling you the answers yet. TAG my tagboard and i shall tell you the answer in my next post.

Going out with my mom later. Going to my grandma's house and to causeway point and my uncle's house. YAYS. Gonna get some gifts as birthday presents for some January babies... lalala if your birthday's round the corner, well you may be in for a surprise. eh provided i will be seeing you soon or you are in dhs =D

And I have decided not to procrastinate any longer. I will start reading hlm today again. From the very first page. It has been confirmed that there will be 3 tests next week. Biology, Physics and HLM kao cha. Ah.

It's still a long way before my birthday comes... never mind. A festive season will be here very soon and i can get to see all my uncles, aunties and cousins who went on the M'sia trip. WHEE.

Life. to be worthy of a rational being, must be always in progression.


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