Saturday, December 31

blogging cos of twin

Just read Jingles' blog and she asked me to update. So here I am. Seriously I am here becos of her =D Dont really feel like blogging and yea I havent blog about the chicken little christmas dinner. Ah depends on my mood.

Woke up this morning feeling ok but my mood worsened in the later part of the morning as I got pissed off with stuff and people. I am currently feeling much better now. I just had an icecream cone before I set off on my diet tomorrow.

I completed the powerpoint for CSC orientation. I wasnt supposed to do it nvm. I enjoyed seeing all those animated pictures. Will be going to Bras Basah Popular again later. I just love that Popular so much. I am going to use the $10-voucher which has been in my a wallet for more than a decade I think... Gonna buy the PS I Love You soundtrack wheee. Catching a movie later with my mom and brother as well- Wallace& Gromit... I want to watch chronicles of Narnia and a chinese tall story lorhs. Boohoo.

My list of new year resolution hasnt been completed and furnished yet. I havent complete my holidays homework and I am not looking forward to school reopening. I havent finish reading hong lou meng. In fact I just started and I am totally lost among the many characters. I totally agree with SM that the book is dorts. Apart from the nice and colourful pictures in the book which I think are very attractive, there is nothing great about the book. Boring, long-winded whatever adjective you can think of.

But hey I am not going to give up kaes. I am going to perservere. I will finish reading it by hook or by crook. But not by Tue i think. Boohoo. Orientation terror. No la its not that bad =X School terror. I dont want school to start. I miss my holidays. I want more I want more. I said I want more!!!

Yesterday was not so great a day. My ren yuan wasnt very ideal. Had amazing race briefing at 9am. I woke up at 8am sharp without hte help of an alarm clock. Washed up and had breakfast before I headed for the bus stop with the big and heavy bag of CSC shirts. I had to take a bus to school cos my parents went to Batam... business trip. Was late for briefing cos the bus was late =P went to LT/AVT. Then at 11am theres sc briefing aka meeting with our new DM, Mr Teo. He's a nice guy... had some sort of heart-to-heart talks with him... as what shumin called it.

Just had a rather heated argument with my brother on what movie to watch. AP guy. So young already so ap lo. I want to watch chronicles of narnia laa!! Whats his problem?

Sheesh my left eyelid kept twitching!! Totally uncomfortable. Younger brothers are such pests.

Anyway I shall continue about yesterday, stayed in school after sc briefing for csc meeting. Asked YL and YY to tabao lunch back for me. My favourite hot dog roll from Polar.

I photocopied the agenda I printed out last night... I stayed up till 2am plus to do it cos I suddenly thought that it would be pointless to conduct a meeting without handouts. After a while.. I saw peiyu coming into the school. I was at the foyer... where can you expect me to go lugging a big heavy bag of tshirts =.-~!

More and more people reached and it reached a maximum number of 9. Ms Tan came and the meeting started. I only ate about 1/4 of my hot dog roll then. And my stomach was having a bad case of hunger pangs expectedly la.

The meeting ends at around 4pm. Ms Tan and I did most of the talking... but there were some group sharings in between the meetings. Took bus home. It was raining cats and dogs. Went home and ate dinner. cos I reached home at 5pm.

Had been having some kinds of pain in my stomach this few days and I nearly vomited last night... perhaps due to overbloatedness.

Argh. Today's the last day of year 2005. and tomorrow its a brand new year...a new chapter of my life but not necessary a brand new better me.

I am still thinking and feeling lousy about how often i had been made use of this year. It hurts lo. and year 2006 also represents (insert number) of years missing him.

I shall not be so pessimistic. Things will get better and life will be sweeter. For now I am going to take a nice warm bath then go out for movies. I dont care le. Since its gonna be a treat from my mom I shall just watch any movie. but i will blame my brothe if i didnt like that particular one we are watching. thats all. happy new year.

btw many people asked if i will be going to countdown later on msn. well i dont go to countdowns. I cant even remember if i've been to any. I dont like to squeeze with people and scream and sweat. Spotlights give me headaches. late nights too. I will just have a quiet countdown in my heart and in my dream, preferably with him (:

happy new year!


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