Friday, December 23

bad day

well I just realised that I havent been blogging for days. But hey I am blogging now (: So much had happened in the past few days. Made new friends... met new people. And now Christmas is round the corner!! woohoo.

Alright I shall start from where I stopped the previous time... Hm I am supposed to continue from where I stopped in the previous post right but somehow I cant remember what I wanted to write... so nvm.

December 19. A monday. It was a CCA day for CSC. Went to school to mass-produce our orientation gifts, make banner for Christmas Karaoke and rehearse skit. We didnt manage to do the latter as there was insufficient actors and the lack of willingness to participate. Ohwells.

Anyway it was pretty much of chatting bahs. And I remember I was very tired that day. Ok I am practically tired almost every day laa FINE.

We had mac for lunch. And we had fun playing with glitters at the later part of the day. So yups. Also interacted with the club members... After the meeting, yy came over to my hse to help me wrap the prizes for Christmas Karaoke. Thats abt it for that monday.

Alright tuesday... 20 december. OOPS. Wait I just realised that the above details supposedly for december 19 is actually what happened on december 15... ahhh. Sorrie abt that...

Ok ok now abt the CORRECT details for december 19. Went to school in the morning for orientation briefing... followed by amazing race briefing. Went home after that. Feeling sick. Had headache. Then at around 3pm, took bus 63 to Beach Rd PeaceConnect to help put up decorations. Gwen, Javier and Yunyin were already there... I was also very tired and sick then. Put up balloons... Blew balloons. Javier was inflating the balloons then they started flying all around when the wind blew... I was holding on to a PINK balloon when it burst right in front of my face. and naturally being a talented screamer, I screamed. Ohya my wrist was feeling painful that day so i was wearing a wrist guard which I kept mistaking for a watch. Alamak laa. So sotong of me. After the decorations were completed, we had two balloons left over, I attempted to be brave and stepped on one of the balloon to burst it but who had expected that the balloon was made of GOOD materials and it did not burst after i stepped on it, instead it expanded and when I least expected it, IT BURST. oh my. and yes I SCREAMED. cos i got a shock. then some elderly sitting nearby were laughing at me. DUH.

Javier burst the second balloon. He was smarter hahas. He used a scissors and popped the balloon with jus a bit of strength then the balloon burst. I DIDNT scream cos I expected the balloon to burst (: bravo.

Walked to Lavender MRT station. Javier was coughing away. Ah he had a cough and he actually helped to inflate the balloons by blowing lo... which is not gd for his lungs... anyway its my fault for passing them a faulty balloon pump. boohoo. sorrie abt that.

Went home.. then settled some stuff for christmas karaoke before going to suntec. Mom's treating me and my brother to watch King Kong. After we bought the tickets then we realised that the movie is 3 hours long. Ohmy. Went to Kopitiam food court to do some stuff for christmas karaoke. Super worried abt the event which will be held on the next day.

At 820, we went into the cinema. My brother bought nachos. I karped from him. He bought a coke too... but i dont drink gaseous drinks so ohwells.

anyway the movie was touching... you noe why its 3 hours long? Because the first one hour was all about building up to the climax... King Kong did not appear until about 1 hour later so you can pretty much expect the front part to be nothing but BORING. Almost fell asleep but no. I didnt.

The civillisation at the Skull Island was very scary. I was covering my eyes with my hands like I did when I watched Constantine =X ok thats embarrassing but they looked horribly scary laa. Bloodshot eyes... messy and long hair... eerie voices... King Kong was majestic and muscular. hahas.

The movie's really very touching. Showed you the 'human side' of a primate. He protected Anna from the dinosaurs despite being bitten by them...He pouted... he ignored her cos he was angry. Very touching show. The guy sitting beside me was extremely excited during the show. He kept telling his girlfriend stuff.... LOL. interesting guy. Anyway the movie's really touching... and there is this particular character in the movie which i hate ALOT. and thats the filmmaker.. i forgot his name but he's crazy abt making money and i hate him cos he threw the bottle of chloroform to King Kong's eyes. I totally broke down at that part =X

Throughout the movie, tears welled up and rolled laa. It's really very touching. and King kong jus died at the end. he jus died and the movie ended with that sickening filmmaker saying 'its beauty that killed the beast' NO. it's him who killed King Kong. He brought him back to the city where he cant survive. He was happily living in his own world... being looked upon as the king. and now in the city, he is a beast... 'the eighth wonder of the world'. Nonsensical nonsense.

The movie ended at 1130pm... and I was feeling terribly sleepy after coming out from the cinema. Particularly cos its late and becos my eyes were swollen from my emotion earlier on. But i think i still stayed up till pretty late cos i couldnt slp... worried abt christmas karaoke. Had to go to sch the next day for christmas karaoke.

ok december 20. the day of the event which i had been planning for the past month. I was in a particularly dull mood cos I was worried... and totally in the no mood for jokes. I brought my camera and laptop to school cos i thot jinghui wasnt going to the event. It was early morning and I was sleepy as usual. Li Bing's godfather, huan jun was humorous and cracking lotsa jokes but i totally dont have the energy and mood to laugh at his jokes, which i usually wld do. I was feeling stressed.

Sang christmas carols. then practised chicken dance... Yuxin and Li Bing prepared this emcees' scripts... actually only li bing preparing laa. Yuxin was SLACKING. Then they left for lunch after paying for csc tshirts. I didnt go out. Asked gwen to tabao. then afer that had lunch in the canteen then my dad and mom came.... delivered the gifts and prizes and souvenirs and at the same time, bring my laptop home cos jinghui turned up. I kept forgetting that my wrist is injured. So i actually carried one of the super heavy bags with my left wrist. ohwells.

After final viewing of skit and briefing, we boarded the bus and our journey to beach road began. Upon reaching, yuxin and javier helped to put up the banner...Then the event began. I shant go into details abt the event.. but on the whole it was pretty successful and everyone participated really actively in it. Took a group photo at the end of the event... then went home by mrt. had another cip the next day so needed to rest.

December 21. Wednesday. I had tuition in the morning. Mr Chiok was late and i waited outside the centre for him for nearly 1 hour. Bummer. My legs ached from all the standing. After the lessons, I waited a long time for the bus... argh. after alighting. i ran all the way to paya lebar mrt... yy called me as i got onto the train and i was breathless.... After waiting for like eternity, i finally reached tampines and yuxin was actually in front of me. We took the same train. Javier and yy was waiting at the control station. Mrs koh was late so yuxin, being impatient, suggested that we go and look for our cip booth first... and so we went... found it. it was pretty secluded... as in no one was there.... then we saw mr qiu rui zao... that guy... in the pool... he was trying to break the guinness world record thingy. then i think yuxin or javier waved at him and he waved back. hahas. then we went to tm to get lunch cos javier and i havent taken our lunch. Went to breaktalk. I got myself the floss bun... Went back to the booth. Mrs Koh was already there, doing stuff on her laptop. Then we asked for her permission to walk around. Mr yuxin suggested to go and look at clothes... then we walked around at the pasar malam. yuxin wanted to buy a bag but decided not to. Then we went to fetch guo rui. After that as walked, we were comparing our skin color. Guo rui was the tanned-est among us... then javier claimed that he is the fairest. LOL. these three guys are an interesting bunch kaes. then they decided to go and play LAN. so yy and i went to tm to walk walk lo. Went to cold storage to get chocolate... ok i am guilty.

anyway after a while, ms tan called me then we went to look for the guys. We waited for around 5 minutes... then they came out and we headed back to the booth. At the booth we discussed cca stuff. it was a discussion session filled with jokes and laughter. I laughed till my tummy ached. The discussion was abt 1 hour long... then we took group photos again. btw ms tan gave us christmas presents and we opened them. mine was a sleeping piglet. thnks ms tan!!! (:

yuxin's a pooh's mug. yy's a cute cushion and both guorui and javier's presents are biscuit-shaped candles. Jinghui and jiamin's presents are with me. Hm after that it started raining.... then the guys wanted to have lunch together. yy and i had to go back for dinner initially... but after being persuaded we decided to have cca bonding session thus we had dinner together at long john. chatted and laughed... guorui told us something i nv knew.... the difference between muscles and fats... and we had two living examples at that time LOL =X javier demonstrated the fact that our skin is elastic. yy and i showed tat we paid attention by laughing. these guys are really very very very funny.....and both yy and i agreed that they are very different from the guys in 3j.

and they have a secret... LOL only five of us get the joke =P so i am not telling. we left after dinner while the guys went for another game of LAN. aw wads so fun abt those games...

22 december. thursday. Dry run for amazing race. went to school then junru's my partner... yup. not much can be revealed abt the game... but well one thing for sure. its a good way to slim down (:

23 december. Friday which is today. sec1 registration. i was at the 1j registration counter. it was a fun and fresh experience.. saw a few students from gmps but apparently they dont recognize this very old senior of theirs. wahaha this yr's cut off score is 258.

today is a bad day... i lost my voice due to some reason which is not so convenient to announce here but some ppl knew already... and i burst my blister on my cutting it when i wheeled my chair around. boohoo. now my wrist is hurting from all the typing.

my mom collected csc shirts from the manufacturer jus now and they are really niceee... slept for around 3 hours jus now. very tired. was feeling sick in school. hyperventilating lol and loss of voice... sheesh i cant sing now!!!

tats all. going to my grandpa's hse... and will be seeing the photographs taken at the M'sia family gathering woohoo. gonna see how the photos turned out like. Hope there's no embarassing shot of me.... and and and. christmas' round the corner. will be sending ecards to lotsa ppl tmr. cheers.

and and and 1 Jan will be a very special day. for me to noe. for you to guess (:

PS: CSC members, there will most probably be another csc final meeting next week. We have to prepare for orientation. and pls bring $9.50 if you havent pay for the tshirts.


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