Sunday, December 18


yoohoo. I realised that I am quite disciplined these few days. Not in terms of diet YET. but hey i am working hard kaes. Cos twin and I have a MARVELLOUS plan. For us to know for you to guess but well dont bother guessing cos we might not tell you the plan =D

Hm the disciplinary that i am talking about is that I wake up earlier these days. No more 11am or 12pm. Every day is 9am and I dont have an alarm clock to wake me up kaes. Instincts (: No matter how early or late i sleep i try to get up early. Rise and shine...

Went to that big big popular at Bras Basah Complex yesterday. Ah my paradise... So many books. So many stationery. Bought lotsa stuff... Mostly my stuff.. Bought an wireless optical mouse for my laptop. I am using it now... Not very used to using a separate mouse... It's blue in colour... miniature and really kawaii nehh!

after that we went to plaza singapure to have dinner at Cafe Cartel. My favourite cafe! There was a long queue but we joined it nevertheless... after waiting for like eternity.. finally we got into the cafe. Saw a senior from dhs working there but she dunno me. hahas.

Eh i think i gtg. Meeting yy later to pass decoration stuff to her. I shall continue my post later. Cya.

ps i am dying to change my blogskin... I like Twin's blogskin. And I just realised she had uploaded a photo of herself on her blog. LOL. she looks like she wants to seduce ppl worrr.. =X


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