Monday, December 26


As you can see, I am currently addicted to blogthings quizzes but that's all for today. I know there's some problems with the link after every quiz... well you can find the quizzes i did here:

Referring to the latest quiz i took, I am 80% gemini which is a lot bahs. I am a surprisingly typical gemini... hmm

Went to the Cafe Cartel at TM last night for dinner. The bread there is really delicious. Had an iced latte... which is really bitter according to my mom and brother but the bitterness wasnt much detected by my tastebud. lol too bad. I like latte =P I've always preferred latte to mocha. Cappucino's not too bad la. But I prefer bitter/sour to sweet. I like sweetness but not too extreme. Anyway after having dinner, we toured around orchard road in my dad's car. It was so crowded...

Anyway I've just read twin's blog. She listed out a list of events for year 2006 in store for her. Her list is somehow similar to mine bahs... I feel that I am lagging. I havent make a list of my new year resolutions yet. Ah. Today's 26 dec. There's an art club meeting tmr. Might have a csc meeting but I need to confirm with Ms Tan. My homework's still pretty much undone. Boohoohoo.

Chatted with twin online just now. Ah oh my she actually thought the 'him' in my blog is referring to someone. ARGH. Kinda offended. LOL but I cant blame her. I also had a past with the other him but I do not miss the past (: and that other him does not deserve to be missed and thought me. He dont deserve it cos I am too good for him =D

Ya I know it sounds complicated... him here him there. But never mind. School's reopening really soon. I am really looking forward to CNY. My family has never really celebrated Christmas... other than the fact that it's a public holiday as we are Buddhists. And I was feeling really sick yesterday. Even had a mild diarrhoea. BOOHOOHOO.

This week's the last week before year 2006 begins. I foresee 2006 to be an eventful year... and a year where I will strive for new goals and a better and hopefully slimmer me. I will strive for the best and live every moment. I will cherish everyone worth cherishing and appreciate everything. I will live like I will die tomorrow but I wouldnt eat like I wld be starve forever. I will learn not to give in to temptations and also not to be so gullible and be made used of.

I will learn to control my temper and avoid being so moody. I must not procrastinate and will try my best to do things that can be done by today. I will make full use of each and every day and put my best foot in for every assignment and duty given. I will place studies as my top priority and manage my time properly. I will show my appreciation for my friends and family.

Whoa the above is somehow my new year resolutions... jus that they are not in point forms (: Ok thats all for now. I need to go help my mom email something to her client before starting on my Chinese book review. Cya~

& wishing you a merry belated christmas!!!


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