Tuesday, December 6

cny comm meeting, day out with twin, trip to parkway and toa payoh

It's late but I am still gonna blog. Went to parkway today for tuition. Well I reached there like one hour before time so I went to NTUC Fairprice supermarket to check out the plastic plates for CSC orientation. And they were way too expensive... and exceeded our budget apparently. So I went to Mac and get a regular lime lemon juice or lemon lime juice before settling down there and brainstorm about CSC orientation gifts. The choice of drink did not determine my mood for the day. Today's a great day. Wonderful indeed. It's my darling mommy's bday as well as that of my many other friends.

Went to the tuition centre 10 minutes before time then Allan was chatting with two of his students. He told me to go to the room to settle down first. Then the guy, one of the students he was chatting with, asked Allan if I am JC 1 student. Woohoo. I look like JC 1 student?! Whee. I am mature eh ><

Tuition was not bad. but the atmosphere was abit tense when no one speaks up... pretty awkward so I talked more than I usually do during tuition classes today. Like what my mortal mentioned in the postcard this year, when everyone keeps quiet and the situation gets awkward someone has to speak up.

I am quite determined to return to my usual talkative self. Anyway more on that later. After tuition, I headed over to the Parkway shopping centre and that particular shop where my brother spotted that nice pretty multi-purpose cushion as a bday present for my mom. Helped him buy it. Then headed over to the Cake History shop to get a bun to munch on. I am always hungry after tuition lessons la. Walked and munched then finally reached Popular. Began my investigation on the coloured cards... I spent like quite a long time in Popular... deciding on which packet of coloured cards' more worth it. Bought coloured tapes as well.

Ah then I went over to the Parkway shopping mall again... cos I had asked my dad and mom to come and help me pay for the souvenirs for the Christmas Karaoke. Bought tupperwares for the elderly... Hope that they will like it. As there wasnt enough stock at the Parkway branch, we headed to Toa Payoh branch to get the remaining tupperware. Bought siew mai at the famous Tiong Bahru Bao shop... Yummy (:

Mom went to Bega to try some blouses. I was waiting for her when this salesgirl asked if I wanted to try a cute blouse. Then she picked a skirt to go with the blouse and into the fitting room I go. I bought that skirt a few weeks ago at Jurong Point. Wore it to the er miniature 3J outing. The blouse didnt suit me... Too tight fitting and uncomfortable. Not to my liking... My mom bought a blouse from the shop though.

Came home then makan lo. My dad bought durians. Yucky calories.

Yesterday was a fun day... But I had a bad start in the morning. Woke up late... I was supposed to attend a CNY comm meeting in school at 8am and I woke up at 740 am. Then there's a traffic jam like the previous time at the road heading towards Nicoll Highways and Mountbatten Road. Dad said cos they were constructing roads or something ahead. Ah. That means I have to head for school earlier next time and indirectly that means I have to wake up earlier. BOOHOO.

I was late for the meeting as usual and I didnt expect so many ppl to be at the meeting... Mrs Tan was there too. As I headed for the lounge in the staffroom, I missed a step at the door but lucky I landed on my feet. teehee. There wasnt enough chairs so nice Amelia shared hers with me. I couldnt get what they were talking about at first. But it was my fault cos I was late. More of my alarm clock's fault cos it didnt ring. BOohooo.

I listened to what the others had to say for most of the meeting. Didnt feel like speaking up. And then suddenly tadaa I become the IC for CNY games ?! I dunno why but i think my communication skills and er public speaking skills are like totally zilch la. I know that Geminis are supposed to be like perfect communicators or whatever. Yes I do communicate very well with ppl I know like my friends, teachers and family. But I tend to get nervous around ppl I am not very familiar with... like teachers whom I dunno very well. And I will leave my sentences uncompleted. Aiya never mind. I dont think you will get my point but I know I need to brush up on my speaking skills (: cheer on for me. Anyway our games comm discussion was pretty ok. Jus that its really tough to brainstorm for games for dhs... esp the seniors... like me? wahahas. Yeps and the guys cos the dunmanian population muhahas. you should know. Majority girls la. Just take our games comm for example, 6 girls 2 boys. But only Colin was at the meeting cos Roy's overseas... Split up the work... and all then I will be collating the proposal and theres a meeting next week.

Went out with twin and Geneve aka lightbulb for the day. Went to Suntec. Lotsa teasing, talking and giggling on the way. I was the major victim of the day la. I shall not elaborate on that. For more details, pls ask Shu Min and Geneve and if they tell you anything, I am gonna stitch their lips =x nah I am not that mean.

Bought tickets for Aeon Flux 2.10pm. Then shopped around. Sent Geneve off at the station then me and twin headed to carrefour to look see look see. Then went for movies.

Aeon Flux was ok... but I kinda felt that we should have watched Zathura instead. Dont get me wrong. Aeon Flux is a great movie.. Great effects and all... and not to mention the bloody parts. The part of the film when Aeon digs for the bullet in the lead actor's shoulder then stripping off the top layer of the skin to seal the wound. OMG I was covering my eyes like how I do when I watched horror movies... The girl beside me was hugging her boyfriend. How I wish I had a teddybear with me at that time LOL

Anyway it was a great movie... Just like Matrix... but its a bit too chim for my comprehension. You know sotongs like me have difficulty understanding chim movies LOL. hey but i understood the movie at the end ok. So I am not a bimbo cos I have a brain for understanding. wheee. I didnt really like the movie ending though. They did not account for what happened to the Monicans. The Superfunkies gave it 3 stars out of 5. Ok so its not that fabulous. But well, its not too bad either. So watch it and rate it yourself.

I am looking forward to watching King Kong, Cry_wolf, A Chinese Tall Story and I Not Stupid Too.... I am watching King Kong with my brother i think >< We saw a part of I Not Stupid Too before Aeon Flux started... and twin and I was going 'omg' cos that li3 chuan4 lui4 has become alot more shuai wor.

After the movie, we shopped around and went to Raffles city. Not much stuff. Then we went home... Great day... and yummy sushi. We had a cheap, tasty and healthy takeaway lunch (;

I am tired so bye.


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