Tuesday, December 27

fun day- artclub& csc (:

yays today is a fun day. Yi Ling& JueHui& JiaMin jus went home... Ok thats like 40 minutes ago but never mind. Went to school this morning at 9am for art club meeting. And I was surprised that I was actually on time this time round =D Had meeting and as usual I kept sidetracking so when Cecilia and Chip demanded that I paid fifty cents as a fine, I decided it would be much better for everyone if I kept quiet. And I didnt pay the fine ;)

Chip bought us souvenirs from HK woohoo. Thanks Chip (:

Anyway after we discussed for a while, JH, Cecilia and I took a cab to Bras Basah to get orientation stuff. A cab you know! I seldom take cab unless necessary. I am a thrify person heh =P

We shopped around. Went to Art Friend then to Art Mark or sth then to Popular. Saw P.S I Love You soundtrack and ohmy. A few songs are by JunYang... it costs 12.95 bucks and I am apparently broke though Ms Tan just paid me this morning for the Christmas Karaoke.

Then we took a cab back to school. A CAB again. And both trips are paid by Cecilia& JH. That reminds me that I still owe them $$$. I shall call JH later. Hm.

Yup so we went back to school with the furry stuff and construction papers. And Chip went high over that bright orange chicken feather thingy. Its super ticklish cos I experienced the ticklishness when Cecilia wrapped it around my neck. BOohoo.

We made the letterings then went on a search for our old art club tshirts. We searched the whole of art club room including that small air-conditioned room but to no avail. In the end, we discovered that the shirts are with Mrs Koh all this while =.-

Before we looked for Mrs Koh, I went to call the Tshirt shop lady who is really nice, to ask if we can collect half the batch of shirts we ordered from her factory. She said nope. Need to collect all the shirts and make full payment. Ohwells. We managed to get enough money then JH, JM& I went to the factory to collect the shirts. She was quite surprised to see us. Cos I just called her to say that we dont have enough money and then the next moment...tadaa we were there to collect the shirts with money!! LOL.

After collecting the shirts, we took bus80 to the bus stop right in front of my house so that we dont have to do so much of walking. It's ok for me cos I was only carrying two poster-sized cardboards but it wld be tough for JH& JM as they were carrying the shirts =P

Reached my house then we started cutting the orientation stuff for csc. Then my grandma bought us chicken rice. Before my grandma's reminder, I even forgot that I havent taken my lunch yet. Ohmy.

We did the orientation gifts and the posters. Chatted and laughed and teased. Yi Ling came not long after... Chatting continued... I kept getting teased. Boohoo. The mention of Cookie just made my blood boil laa ><

My printer's black ink ran out so we printed out some words and JH helped to colour using black marker... then the marker ink overlapped the paper and dirtied my desk's extension. LOL naughty girl ah. Nah just kidding. Dont worry about the smudge (:

Hmmm I wanted to treat them to ice cream but they were in a rush to go home cos its peak hour and the public transport'll be packed like sardine. JH's lucky cos her dad's fetching her home. YL wanted to show us a new fortune-telling method imparted to her by her cousin. It's different from the one me& JH were crazy over in Germany. But there's not enough time so well another time perhaps. I am pissed off by the fact she wants to help me& a particular someone to suan ming. Erhem. No further comments shall be made.

Yup so they left and I packed up. Before they left, we were pasting the purple hearts as the border for our csc posters. It was really fun, trust me.

Ohya. Three of them were lucky. JM& JH collected their csc and art club tshirts. YL collected her csc tshirts. Muhahahas all the tshirts are now at my house. wheee (:

I was intending to do the attendance list for csc now. but I think I've to go to have my dinner. There's Chicken Little's Christmas Dinner tomorrow and guess what. I havent gotten the gift for gift exchange. HOHOHO. Merry Christmas!

Today's a really fun day... too bad we didnt take any photos. I am currently waiting for a sms from someone who usually dont reply my sms. WDH. I detest this type of ppl cos I totall abhor this type of behaviour :P It's like I am such a nice person how can people ignore my sms?!

Gave the three of them the souvenirs I bought form M'sia. It's nth special really cos I didnt really get to shop in M'sia. It's a family outing remember? Now left YY and SM's souvenirs. Btw I saw the photographs taken at the family outing. Sad to say the photos were kinda blur. There is this group photo in which you definitely cant spot me if you see it but dont worry. you will never get to see it. lol. I regretted not capturing some group photos shot with my darling camera. Maybe the results wld have be more pleasant =X But no I am not grumbling about the photos laa. I appreciate the effort that my relatives put in =D cheers! Anyway this year's outing's only the first. There's more subsequent outings... and I might be interested to be in the planning committee when I am much older =)

Thats abt it. I have to go now. Cya people. I might be back later (:


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