Friday, December 2

bitten by moskkiisss

ah argh grr. I just got bitten thrice by a mosquito... Tsk tsk tsk. Listening to FM 88.3 now. Zhang Shan Wei's Er Fen Zhi Yi's playing in my earpiece now. Nice nice (:

Woke up at 830am this morning. Then my uncle gave me a ride to Dunman High before heading to the office with my mom. I got into his car at 850am lo and 10 minutes is enough to reach the school on the dot at 9am, even more than enough if my dad drives cos he speeds laa.

But that stupid traffic jam at the road leading to Nicoll Highway and Mountbatten Road caused be to be 7 minutes late for our CSC/CIP meeting lo.

Hm discussion was like usual lo. Ideas started pouring in, asked questions, clarfied doubts etc etc. After that Miss Tan left cos she had something on. Walked with JM and YL to the bus30-bus stop. Their bus came and I was left alone at the bus stop. So ke lian lorhs.

Then bus 158 came. Boarded it and saw my angel... lol Pei Yu... then we started talking talking talking... Libra and Gemini just have so much to talk about la. Jealous har? >< Then she told me she's going to Geylang East Library so I decided to be a nice girl and accompanied her to the library... hehehe She accompanied me to the library the previous time mahs.

I found four books altogether. Love stories... My favourite... hehe romances with twists and twirls... then eventually 'happily-ever-after' endings. woohoo. When we finally went to loan the books I realised my card has already reached its loan quota so I cannot borrow any books at all... aw. But PY was nice... She could borrow one more book so she helped me borrow. Wheee.

Headed to Mac for lunch. AH I know. I am guilty la. I just ate Mac hm four days ago... Boohooo... I dont feel like going jogging today lehs. sigh sigh sigh. I can only pray hard that my metabolism rate burns calories fast enough.

The book I borrowed's titled birthday girls by annabel giles. Wahahas (: I've always liked books with my name inside... or by authors with the same name. Teeheehee. This annabel giles is a tv and radio presenter and an actress wor. See multi-talented de. LOL

Yep I know there's another woman with the same name as me... She is popular as well... Annabel Chong. Heard of her? A famous porn/sex star. I dont wish to comment on her la. Just that she is such a disgrace to my name and my horoscope. Hehhhs And hor her birth name is Grace Quek kaes.

In gmps, I have a senior called Annabel Koh too... She's in the same class as Sidney, Timothy they all... currently studying in Cedar Girls'.

Aiya. I love my name la. Do you know that my name has significances actually? I've discovered two so far this morning, with the assistance of Jia Min. Here...

B.E.L means Bringing Everyone Love
OR Believing in Everlasting Love (:

actually there's another one.

Be Extra Lorhs

But thats not valid... and not accepted by me. hehe.

I went to register for tuition a few weeks ago... Then when I told my to-be tuition teacher my name, he said something like my name sounds like one who gives great impact de. I take that as a compliment la. hahas cos he is a nice guy.

'Annabel' originates from France... and means grace and beauty... I am quite thankful that my parents or rather my godmother gave me this name... at least I dont have to crack my brain and drip all the brain juices to think and adopt a christian name for myself. I have a christian name but I am not a christian. I am a Buddhist (:

Some people spell Annabel as Annabelle. I dont mind actually. And at first I thought Annabelle looks nicer... maybe cos of the 'belle' at the back =P lol so I asked my mom why she didnt add a 'L' and 'E' for my name. I was told that Annabelle is too long la. I agree now.

You know during Maths Olympiad and those Australian Maths/Science Competitions, you have to shade the alphabets of your name vertically down the rows. Shading Annabel and my surname and the hanyupinyin of my mandarin name takes a lot of time kaes. There are 16 letters altogether. and 2 more letters do matter.

I used to not appreciate my name... I gave myself nicknames like Elizabeth, Alice, Yuki, Janice blah blah blah. But now I appreciate my name to the fullest. I love it in fact. Actually I have a liking for names starting with 'J' and 'A'.

'A'... cos my name starts with 'A'. Since primary 1 till now right, my register number in class will always be the first few... In Primary 1 and 2, my register number was 3 if I did not remember wrongly. Then in primary 3, it was 6 and in primary 4 it was 5. Then in primary 5 and 6, it was erm 3. It was 2 in secondary 1 and 2 and this year I finally got to be number 1! (: lol

Register numbers dont matter. Grades do.

Ok I shall now conclude for this post. Four words. I love my name (: Yeps. And I love being me. The noisy, loud, giggly, talkative, at times moody, bad-tempered, temperamental, ap or even bimbotic girl who has a passion for community service and a great love for rainbows, winnie the pooh and many more.

Teeheehee. Although I like Pooh very much, I feel like changing my template cos I am getting bored with the blogskin.

Ah I am off to doing some constructive stuff and contacting my tuition teacher. Thats all for now. Take care and cheers. Appreciate your name and live every moment...

(Bel)ieve in yourself =D


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