Wednesday, December 28

chicken little christmas party =)

I am tired. I want to go and sleep but I cant. Apparently because my hair is wet from bathing... Today is a fun day I must say. Enjoy myself to the extreme or whatever you call it. Whoa. I lived every moment of today and yup I dont regret it =D I am too tired to blog whatever details that took place but they are lotsa fun and humor. LOL. My head is stuffed with too much stuff regarding CSC orientation which Ms Tan had bombarded me through the phone when I just reached home from the Chicken Little Christmas Partayyyeeee. Yep I reached home really late... 10pm but the walk from the mrt station to my house was enjoyable cos I had someone to chat with (: aiya tell u all more tmr laa. I have to go search for my hair-dryer which I apparently havent been using for quite some time and its all because I dont like to use a hair-dryer. Ohno. I am going haywire... due to my lack of sleep I guess. And I am found guilty... cos I ate 2 potong ice cream today. boOhOo. Alright thats all for this entry. Goodnight.


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