Tuesday, December 13

chicken little outing

I just had my dinner... after I came back home from the library. Went to get some books for my chinese book reviews. Borrowed 4 chi. 2 eng. teehee. went out with yunyin and twin today but i shall talk about yesterday's chicken little outing first kaes.. in case i forget about the details soon... now that I've mentioned that, I realised I havent blog about CPA camp. hehehehe. By the way i apologize for the moody post this morning. I was super moody that tears rolled down my cheeks. BLEAH. What can i say except STUPID TEAR GLANDS (: I am ok now.

So yup had chicken-little outing yesterday. Yups we are abit gan chiong la cos just departed from each other last friday... Last friday was finale night of CPA camp. The best night ever. Cheering and everything.

Ok before i digress to talking about the CPA camp. So hm I was sorta the outing organizer... together with jun pei, wayne lim and doreen... ok I was more of the coordinater bahs. Anyway, I woke up early for some reasons i cant remember... then started packing and stuff... we were meeting at 12 at dhoby ghaut mrt. Hitched a ride from my dad. teeheehee. He was supposed to fetch me to the mrt de but well... if he hadnt give me a ride, i wld have been late. Very late. Arranged to meet doreen at Kallang MRT initially but sorrie abt the last minute change =S

Hm so upon reaching dhoby ghaut, I took the escalator down and saw Wei wei. He was peeping into the arcade or sth. Then i called him and we headed to the northwest line together. Well both of us didnt noe where it is so i acted smart abit then tried to find and alas i saw wayne lim and vijay. Then more ppl started reaching and we proceeded to the cinema to get tickets for the 1pm chicken little movie. Wayne Tan was still in school but he watched the movie already so wld be joining us for lunch instead.

Hm. After buying the tickets, I kept them... cos my bag was very big? Ok went to the arcade and checked out those 'catch-soft-toys' machines... Then the guys played daytona racing. I took part in the second round and ohmy. It was totally exciting? It was definitely exciting. I am super lousy at daytona de... then the guys were like telling me to relax and all then help to tilt the steering wheel abit... LOL good thing i didnt have an asthma attack hahas.

We luckypicked our tickets. I took the first seat... followed by Sungeetha, Doreen, Junpei, Vijay, Wayne, Yun Dan, jerrold, wei wei and rainer. The movie was really cute... and it actually delivers a msg... something like do talk to your parents when u have problem or whatever... and parents always love their children... the kids dont have to earn their love. awww. LOL oh ya! And i didnt expect such a cartoonish movie to actually contain abit of romance in it!! chicken little and ugly duckling...

After the movie, my head was spinning somehow then i nearly missed a step while walking down the stairs inside the cinema itself. boohoo.

Hm met up with wayne tan then went to eat lunch. Was walking to the Long John Silver restaurant outside PS when Fathi called rainer to say that he will be joining us. so we walked back to ps then went to the long john silver restaurant inside ps but it was filled with ppl. We headed for pizza hut after vijay suggested it. We sat around a very long table... then ordered the food. three big pizzas, 3 jugs of pepsi, two side dish, 3 garlic bread and 1 ice lemon tea for me... cos i dont drink gaseous drink. thank you.

We took quite a long time to decide what to eat... cos everyone was like 'anything anything'. hahas. when the pizza came, everyone ate. I ate 2 slices... one seafood one hawaiian. Love the hawaiian pizza to bits. Then chatted also. The guys were obsessed with handphones... then fathi was going around taking photos of each of us with his mms camera hahas. I sat opposite vijay at the table. Sungeetha and yun dan were beside me. After eating, we took group photos... the photos are very nice.. colourful!! Went out of pizza hut then we thanked vijay for the treat. It wasnt meant to be his treat. We were supposed to pay for our own =X

After that we walked to another shopping centre whose name i dunno. Park lane or sth arh? On the way they commented about me wearing bermudas and flipflops and said i looked like auntie ><

The place has pool, arcade and LAN games. Wanted to pool but not everyone's 16 yet... including me which is like so sad la. Still got 5 more months lehs! Argh. Then the guys played 1 hour of LAN while the girls loitered around in the arcade... I played daytona then I finally am able to drive without drifting to the side and banging into the wall. Thanks to rainer and doreen for their guidance (:

ohya I didnt noe rainer is sec 3 this year! He looks like a sec 1 boy =X Then played puzzle bobble and the game where you have to press 3 buttons, red blue and green. Super lousy at that game. After playing for a while... which is quite a few hours... we wanted to have dinner together but in the end decided to go home... so we walked to the mrt station. realised that some of us actually stay quite near each other. Wayne stays a few blocks away from me only... i forgot which block though. Yun Dan stayed around Aljunied also but i forgot where. ohno. short term memory syndrome!! Anyway so next time we can meet up together before going to any outing lo. woohoo.

The chicken little outing was a success. I am so glad... There will be another outing soon. Christmas dinner... woohoo. I am one of the organizers... lol. there will be the exchanging of gifts yays. My favourite. I LOVE SURPRISES (:

just received an email from fm... woohoo there's a 3j cls outing!! finally~~ Hm i shall blog about my day at j8 and orchard later... cya ppl.


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