Friday, December 23

aw touched.

i jus read twin's blog and ohmy my name's actually mentioned. awww I am touched... so touched. I am gonna cry.. LOL kidding laa. she dedicated that particular post to this year.... hm i guess i am going to do that too. so much have happened... and i seriously need to commerate them.

well if i cld go back to the past... go back to our past... i think i wld go back... but i will miss everything and everyone now. I've just learnt to live every moment jus recently and i am not backing out on my words... but i miss the past... that i do not deny. If an angel grants me a wish and i choose to go back... if only laa. I am sure i will miss the present when i am back in the past.

i did not live the moment last time... now i dont want to leave that moment. i want to stay there forever. bu xiang zhang da.... SHE's latest song really describes my feelings... i miss the past. i really do. I didnt treasure the moment. i didnt treasure him. hm now its abit too late isnt it. and my heart aches every time i regret. tears flow free and fast. I fully taste the taste of tears.

I thought i will cope being alone but no... but fortunately i had my friends. and i am thankful for that. My angel wings are hurt and yes they will heal one day. jus one day. but the rainbow in my sky can never be found ever since ur departure.

you change. I did not. my heart stays the same.

alamak la i am getting emotional and all.

i'll be ur guardian angel from now on. yes. for now and forever. I was an angel. but i fell in love with u and was sent to this earth to protect u (:


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