Thursday, December 29

fuming mad

breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out. Count to 10 and calm down.

What the heck laa. I am fuming mad now. ARGH. I must learn to control my temper. And I am controlling. What else can I do with a keyboard other than blogging to vent my anger. 4 more days to school reopen and some many stuff undone. Esp orientation stuff. And I just discovered this morning that I lost my voice... due to an overconsumption of bbq food yesterday and not drinking enough water to lubricate my throat. STUPID.

And apparently some evil people just and still refuse to reply my smses. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! My bill's already shooting to sky high and I still take the effort the press the buttons on my phone to pass you some msg... silently hoping that you will be nice and reply me but no I was wrong. You disappoint me. Totally. absolutely. what a loser. LOSER.

I hate being a soloist. I hate to do things on my own. I am a Gemini... Gemini comes in two NOT one. I hate doing thinsg alone. I hate it. I just do.

Call me two-sided. Whatever. Geminis ARE two-sided. Get used to it. if not GET LOST.

I also hate it when people dont reply my msn instant messengers especially when I am telling him or her abt important/ urgent stuff.

Blogging is not helping enough to vent my anger. I am outta here.


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