Saturday, December 17


stupid la. I am struggling to do my physics tuition homework while hammering and knocking of -who-knows-what is blasting of my ears. WDH. Irritating. Hammer what hammer la. This is one thing bad about staying in a HDB flat. Somemore the irritating sounds are disrupting and ruining the jaychou music i am listening to right now. WHAT AN INSULT.

My laptop's music system and speakers have some big problem la. Cannot play CD without skipping some parts de. I cant possibly send it for servicing now when it's such an important part of my daily life right now. So genius me transferred the music to my zen neeon... then play it from there. lalalala.

Holidays are ending soon but my schedule still has so many things on. Next week's filled with activities then its christmas then lalala school reopens and tadaa orientation. Whoa i am actually taking a sec1 cls for orientation next yr (:

Anyway going out later... meeting yy tmr to pass deco stuff to her. Monday has full-day sc orientation briefing in school. Tue is my christmas karaoke... pls let it be a success and not let all our hardwork goes down that big hollow drain kaes.

Wednesday is the tending of our cip booth at tm. Come and visit us kaes.... Support dhs sphere (:

Thursday might have dry run for sec1 registration. going out with Chicken little to prepare for christmas dinner. might have to postpone chem tuition but i shall leave that to when jh comes back la.

friday... hm sec1 registration lo. saturday... christmas eve. sunday. CHRISTMAS HOHOHO.

Monday... maybe going to kbox with haojiemeis. or shopping or catch movie. or maybe i should forget all that... need to pia hw. Tuesday might have 3j cls outing... No one tell me anything yet. Wednesday is the official christmas dinner for CHICKEN LITTLE. Aiya I jus like to type CHICKEN LITTLE in caps lock. It jus looks nicer.

Thursday is 29 dec... most probably deal with cca stuff la. See... whole schedule packed liaos. I should be glad that I am still surviving NOW. I cant tolerate any more stress and work.

I still havent blog about my shopping trip to j8 with shumin and yy. Neither have i blog about cpa camp.

the shopping trip to j8 with twin and yy is basically jus to go there and watch campus superstar initially...It was super crowded and warm... so many ppl... teenagers in particular... definitely will meet with some old friends. Saw a whole group of dhs girls... most probably there to support clara bahs. Saw my pri sch best fri. Hm I didnt greet him. Neither did he greet me. But anyway... i can recognize him anywhere de bahs. I miss the old times.

Anyway if you happened to read my blog which... is most probably impossible... well i didnt greet you is not becos i look down on you or whatever kaes. Jus that too long nv meet you then dunno how to react... yup. anyway it was nice seeing you again... and yea are you still smoking? ok i shant be kpo and you will always be my best friend (:

Ok i am like talking to myself but doesnt matter. Hm we only watched for a while then went shopping. Wanted to catch a movie but no nice movies... then shopped around lo. Went mini toons, my all-time favourite shop. Bought a piglet handphone keychain. Super CUTE.

After that we went to orchard. Wanted to watch movie but oso no movie to watch. Then went to kbox. got myself a membership but we decided to go there another day cos no room liaos.

Like that only lo. yup i really should get back to doing my work. Bye...


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