Wednesday, November 16

hearts. tuition. potential shopping venues

hey gimme a minute while i go and cut my hearts.
waheyys I am back. Btw the hearts I was referring to are the hearts I made from straws this afternoon. I have somehow mastered the skill of folding the hearts... Thanks to Jh. But I have a long way to go before I master the art of cutting the excess straws. Aiyaya.

Hm I spent my day tidying my room as usual. I can say that it's a lot neater. I didnt burn much calories though cos I was sitting on the chair and pushing myself around most of the time. And I consumed a bit more than enough calories today. In fact it was enough to turn me into a pig. Talking about that reminds me of Weilin who was ranting about eating too much will become a pig blah blah blah when Jh and I were having our breakfast-lunch at the mac at the airport last Monday when we went to send off the Thailand people. I cant be a pig you know... I am a sotong already. Have you ever heard of sotong-pig? No. So thats it. Ah alright not funny ><

I was clearing out some huge stacks of papers and tidying the numerous files as well as the receipts I 'incurred' after every purchase I made. I realised that I spent most of my allowances at Popular. Erm the runner-ups would be Wallet shop, Watsons and hm CD-Rama and Sembawang.

And I finally changed my wallet after a few days of endurance. Yays.

I didnt go to the library today as I spent the day tidying up my room. I have a whole stack of Teenage magazines which I would have to run through and see if there's anything which are worth keeping. Otherwise they will soon end up in the Karang Guni's lorry.

I think I will definitely go to the library tomorrow. Gonna get some books on hm origami, romances, physics (??!!) or hmmm line dancing. LOL. And I need to rush out that proposal for service learning proj. A rough outline is required... and sent to Ms Tan by Friday.

Okae.. I might as well get started now since my hair is still wet from bathing.

Hm I really feel like going to shop.... TM would be great. Otherwise erm just some shops will do. OH YA. The Popular at Bras Plaza... It's so spacious lo. Ah ideal. I am going there some day. Hm some day this week would be ideal too.

Maybe I can drop by the new National Library or maybe some other library in Singapore other than Geylang East library.

I think I am going off to tidy my room and hopefully finish tidying by today.. erm tonight i mean. Then I will do the proposal and tadaa... I am off to bed and getting my beauty sleep.

Sheesh my right wrist is starting to hurt like crazy again. It must be that big blue hole buncher's fault. I was bunching huge stacks of papers to be filed neatly and I exerted the force using my right hand without realising it. Aiya!

Before i start on my list of tasks, there is one important thing to do. I desperately need to find my wrist guard but I dunno where it is. URGH.


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