Sunday, November 13

yunyin went overseas

I just returned from the airport. Ok actually I have already been home for around half an hour after returning. Never mind. I just read some blogs including Jingles' blog. She was really reflective. Going on and on about how much she loves her life and the reasons as well as her regrets. I met up with her at the airport just now and she happily announced to me that she will be taking either karate or salsa after coming back from Rayong, Thaiand.

Oh my. KARATE?! Are you kidding? My darling twin taking up Karate? Ok ok I shall not be mean here since I have already teased her enough at the airport. Was saying something about her being violent and kicking us all (jh, yy, yl and me) to the farthest places in Singapore... like Jurong, Pasir Ris, Woodlands and hm Changi ? Ok I am lame.

So much has happened these few days that I don't know where to start. I shall start from this morning. Hm I was worried that I might overslept since I slept rather late last night. The phone rang and woke me up. It was Jh. She called to ask about Yy's flight. Jingles have not told me anything about it yet so I told her I will phone her abit later. Had a terrible stomachache just like last night. Apparently the so-called mild laxative drink which I took last night was taking effect. Aiya it's just some kind of detox tea.

Hm I washed up then went to have my brunch (lunch + breakfast) then changed into a tee and jeans. Packed my stuff. Spent like 15 minutes struggling to wear my starry bracelet ALL BY MYSELF after a slight dispute with my mom and brother. But eventually I surrendered and asked my brother for help. Thankfully he don't hold grudges. Hehes.

Supposed to be meeting Jh at the mac at Terminal 2 at 145pm. But I was late as usual. I went to the bus stop in front of my flat only at 115pm. Then I transitted onto bus 24 at Singapore Post. After which I passed by Yy's house at BS and the bus stop which Jh and I walked to from Eugene's house for LA that time.

This is the first time I took bus to Changi Airport and I was listening to the songs in my zen throughout the whole bus journey. I kept looking out of the window to see where I was been brought to. I realised that I don't know the airport really well eh.

Finally reached Terminal 2 at 2pm i think. Then walked to Mac to find Jh. Saw Shue Ling and her mom there and they were waiting for her classmate. I phoned Jh. Then I saw her walking towards Mac.

Ohmy. Tell you what. I thought I copied what I have typed previously and the whole internet explorer went bonkers. And I couldnt paste what I though I had copied. And the above few chunks of words are what I only managed to recover. FREAK.

I actually typed so much about my one-day tour on Saturday... and what happened on Friday. Must be down on my luck. My zen battery died on me... I love my zen as I have always do but the irony is I am not bothering to charge it now. Cos i am super fed up.

Let me cool down and I will continue with the post. And till then please do not repeat the mistake which the SOTONG made.

Which is not copying PROPERLY what she has typed in the entry.


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