Saturday, November 19

busy day. brother gets new hp

I am going off to sleep after I finish this entry apparently becos its 11.56pm. Today's a busy day... and I was super moody and temperamental today. Especially today. I have no idea why but I just go abt throwing my temper... Ah. It's time I learn to control it before I offend more people.

Went to school in the morning for ushering duty. It was Dhs Sec 4 Grad Day. I was in charge of Sec 4I. The graduation ceremony was filled with laughters, joy and tears too. It's sad that everyone will be departing from each other and the sch as well as the teachers... but it's part and pieces of our lives. Watched the video... Noticed this Chinese phrase: Zai hao de peng you ye hui you fen shou de shi hou. Oh my. I hate separation... I just hate to see people leave one another and worse still, my friends or family leaving me. Total misery and sadness la.

Hm. I shall announce with pride about my achievement today. I ran all the way to the bus stop in court shoes and ended up not being able to catch the bus. But well it was a great experience and a good opportunity for me to burn off some calories.

Went home. Then bathed. Went to Parkway. Alright my tuition teacher's a nice guy. Really friendly and all. Hm. Shopped around. I was put off by my brother's AP-ness and sulking la. Went to TM. My mom finally bought him a phone with video recording... Nokia 7610 if I am not wrong. Just fiddled with it when I reached home ohmy. it's lots of functions and I regret getting samsung E600C la. Too late.

I saw this fabulous and lovely phone in the phone shops I visited just now. For your info, I visited quite a number of phone shops just now. Ok saw this fabulous and lovely phone... I dunno the model. But it has camera on the back and front. Just went to navigate and found out that its Nokia N70. And it's the same phone my cousin wants... and he's getting it during cny next yr. He is like super rich cann. And I am a poor little girl, poor as in literally la.

That lovely phone is so filled with functions that I might not even know how to use it, or rather make full use of it. It has FM radio and apparently my darling zen neeon already has it. Ah. Dilemma eh. And it costs way too much out of my budget. I am pretty sure if I get that phone, i am definitely not going on the Geog Trip to New Zealand next year. And I might not even be going as no one's accompanying me so why am I crapping so much.

Ah nothing much to blog. I am looking forward to the SPHERE activity on Monday. Seeing the elderly again. Hm. Gonna go to the library tmr and call up a lady to check stuff for my grp's servie learning project. Have to call Jh too abt csc stuff. Busy busy busy. But i shall leave that to tmr. Cos I am tired. Goodnight.


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