Wednesday, November 16

Oh shoot.

I actually survived 2 days without smses from Yl, Yy and Jingles. Ah. They must be enjoying themselves overseas. One in US, one in Kanchanaburi and another in Rayong. Me? In Singapore... oh but pls dont start pitying me cos in a few more days... or rather many many more days, I will be heading to Malaysia with 50 over ppl in my family wooohoo.

And I suddenly remembered.. I will be going to malaysia from 25 nov to 27 nov. Ms Loh's wedding's on the 26th. So how am I going to attend her wedding when I am in malaysia? And goodness me, I actually overlooked that and was so ecstatic about attending her wedding and getting a list of the people who are going. Sigh. But I am still chipping in for her gift and giving her my best wishes.

I went to school yesterday for art club... the making of orientation gifts. Apparently only 5 ppl turned up. 4 from the committee and a committed member of art club. We made hearts till our hands turned jelly and I was as hungry as a wolf after the meeting. Bought sandwiches from the drink stall in the canteen and gobbled them up the minute I reached home.

Read my storybook before tidying up my room. The new cupboard that my mom ordered arrived yesterday morning. I spent half the day tidying up my room... It definitely looks neater now just that there are still some stuff lying around, unpacked. I shall tidy them up later... and will most probably be heading over to the library.

I managed to finish half the book of Where rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern. I dont think I will be returning it later... Shall return those books on Germany and Munich first. I am getting some books on Origami or whatever it is called. I need inspirations on gifts for CSC orientation booth. I am not being biased or anything. I am equally committed to art club and csc. I did my part for art club orientation yesterday. I even brought the stuff home despite having to drag the plastic bags onto the bus. So for now, i shall focus on csc orientation...

Oh shoot. I still have loads of proposal and contact lists to settle. Maybe not alot. But just enough to make me feel stressed.

I feel like changing my blog template but its gonna be time-consuming so forget it. I dont have much time to spare.... And I have the urge to change wallet. I bought a wallet recently... you should know if you have read my previous posts... But i havent switch wallets yet.

Alright, I am off to switching wallets and then showing my brother the magic of folding hearts with straws that i possess hehehehe.

Btw the meiji jelly-choco which Jh and Weilin recommended me... I bought a box at the airport on monday while buying oreos for those flying off to kanchanaburi... I finally opened the box and ate the jelly-choco. Hm well its not as magical as I expected but its yummy... and of cos contain zillion of calories. I actually gobbled a few up in the past few minutes. But right now, I am putting that pink/white cute little box far far away from me. So see but no touch.

I am off. Dont miss me (:


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