Wednesday, November 9

germany immersion proj

heyheys. i am sneaking here to blog. Initially doing germany immersion proj. We had art club comm meeting jus now. I didnt dare talk much in case i side-tracked and kanna fined by my fellow comm members. lol hm after that went to yixiu factory to order art club tee.

eh eh eh. we bargained till the price dropped by 3 bucks lehs. i used my mom's bargaining method. LOL superb har? after that went to geylang east library. Chip gave me the inspiration to get books from the library for the germany proj.

Very long nv go the library la. The last time i went was one or two days before Biology exam. Went there to study cos i cant concentrate at home. Ah. that was like weeks or rather a month ago la. I rmb in p6, that library was my usual hangout with my buddies. Haiya dont talk abt those past events le.

Alright i went to the second level then used the computer to search books. After finding the location of books for germany, i tried finding the location of two Cecilia Ahern's books and i found them. Not on Loan yays.

Went around to find the books on germany. I havent been to the library for ages like i have said and usually when i go, i will go to the children's section. Today different case. Cos i have a responsibility to do my part for my grp and not let the workload rest on juehui and yuhan. Arent i noble? Please gimme applause.

I was sotong and i walked walked walked then walked till the geog section. Started finding there but to no avail. Was super despondent lo. Thot that the librarians nv do their duties. Then i headed to the other side to find Cecilia Ahern's books. On the way, i saw the travel section and ah ha. Those germany books are found there. Too many... ah. Finally chose three. Then headed over to the Fiction books section and got Where rainbows end. Didnt get the other one cos not enuff library card.

I left the library at 445pm. I entered it at 4pm. 45 minutes to find 4 books wahh big achievement. i am so proud of myself. now that i have announced my noble achievement to YOU, guess i am back to doing my project. its due this friday.



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