Thursday, November 10

germany immersion proj

ah ha. i am supposed to be doing the germany immersion project de but i want to blog a while. my dad helped me repair my 4-buck mechanic pencil liaos. yayys daddy rocks. But the pilot dr.grip shaker he said has to be drilled or sth cos the pencil lead stuck in the tip. Oops. I am super pro at destroying mechanical pencils eh ><

i FINALLY switched on my desktop. Not becos i want to but becos i need to. Cos the brochure prog in my laptop can only make 2-fold brochures but we need a 3-fold one for our proj. That prog in my desktop has so i on it lo. How come i noe? Cos i used the desktop to do the brochure for our physics mini assignment mah =)

today was a fun day in school. played bridge. Mr Ng said we can only play bridge so everyone started playing bridge lo. There was no afternoon lessons. And maths lessons today were fun. yays i can finally fully understand maths and now mr helmi has to leave. He is a good teacher really. Sigh. To think i didnt look forward to his lessons earlier this yr. All becos of my sotongish brain which cant accept and understand simple maths concept. ah. i will miss Mr helmi when he leaves lo. Wonder whos my maths teacher next yr.

mrs phua gave us a survey to do. For geog, we went to bsp room to watch 'the city of joy'. 4 classes of geog students came together. Majority were playing games and all. Yl, Jh and I got so bored that we started playing the all-time childhood game 'huo che huo che' and they kept making me lose lo. So mean. Hm.

After school played bridge. Wanted to go to tm initially but remembered that i had to pia germany proj. Played bridge with yy, yl and jm till about 3 plus then took bus home. Some people was super mean when playing bridge and it was not like I wanted to partner him cann. Boohoo meanie.


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