Sunday, November 20

strong girls dont cry.

today ah. Consumed tons of calories la. Tidied my room... It's so neat and tidy now I can hardly believe it's our room. Just that my table lamp and laptop are placed side by side. That means when I do hw, I cant on my laptop and vice versa... which is actually not a bad thing. I can fully concentrate on my hw then. Ah. I better get started on my hw soon.

Didnt go to library today. The weather went bonkers. Raining and stopping and raining and stopping... Grrr. It's ok. I finished reading Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbows End. Love the ending to bits. I believed that they will end up together. Just that fate cant stop meddling with their lives. Ah that magical moment of silence... They are fated to be together thats why they came together despite wasting fifty years being in and out of marriages and divorces. They obviously like each other but fate is meddlesome. Misunderstandings, death of loved ones, pre-marital sex and all. But whatever, they still end up together. And isnt that what's fairytales are about... Aww sweetness. If you dont get what I am talking, go read Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern. It is also published as Rosie Dunne.

There's cip tmr... after that i shall go to the library. Gosh I think i caught a flu. Have been sneezing non-stop since noon. and when i called wuishing jus now regarding cip, he said that my voice sounded weird. Talked to jh on the phone just now and I realised how weird my voice is. Ah.

I was maligned just now lo. Super pissed off la wdh. I hate being maligned cann. Especially when I am hungry and in a bad mood, not to mention the flu bug i caught. WL lo.

i am going for the family gathering to malaysia this friday somemore. I am ultra-super-extremely-tremedously-totally-absolutely bu shuang now. So bu shuang that I am going bonkers. The weather's bonkers. My nose's bonkers. My wrist's bonkers. My weighing machine's bonkers. Argh.

My arm hurts. My wrist hurts. I am sick... falling sick.

Strong girls dont cry
(alright this might sound doubtful but whatever. who cares)


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