Tuesday, November 22

CIP. Senior citizen week

Hm yesterday's CIP was a blast. Totally rawks. Though there were some chaos to be expected. Not really chaos, just some unexpected scenarios eh. And one thing for sure, I burnt lotsa calories yesterday (: I walked to the ShopNSave and was super pissed off by the service they provided. Nearly injured my right wrist again by carring all the paper plates and plastic forks and spoons and napkins with my bare hands. Worse still, watching the cashiers working in slow-mo. WOW. I am not going to that ShopNSave ever again unless I have to.

Then I walked to the bus stop beside Aljunied MRT station. Walked kaes. Passed by the library on the way, so returned the library books to lighten the load of my backpack. Met Ivan at the bus stop. He called me cos' I didnt see him. I was in a frantic cos I was late for the briefing. Took the bus to Kampong Arang hawker centre. Waited for fried rice to be cooked. And I saw a gigantic rat. Big... and long... argh.

Carried the fried rice and stuff I bought at ShopNSave and walked back to school with Wang Xuan and Li Bing. Walked again ok. Li Bing was laughing the whole way back becos the boxes of fried rice which Wang Xuan was carrying were creaking like nobody's business.

Reached school finally. Ate banana biscuits to ease my hunger. I didnt realise that they were banana biscuits. Thought were raspberry's. Until I saw the biscuit label while I was eating the third biscuit ah. What's happening to my tastebud?!

Taught the others that laoshuaidami dance... It was fun and Ms Tan was high... in fact, all of us were high. Went to Beach Rd for CIP. I was the MC with Jia Min. We danced, sang, played games and entertained the elderly. My duty as the MC was on the verge of failure yesterday.

Took some group photos before going back to school. Took bus with PeiYu then we went to the Geylang East Community Library together. Yays Py is nice... Thnks for pei-ing me to the library.

Btw I just navigated the NLB's website. *From 1 Nov 2005 to 31 Jan 2006, regular members can borrow up to 8 items...* woo goody. I am becoming a bookworm yippess. why are you jealous or wad ><

I read a book which my brother borrowed from his tuition teacher. Titled Didjaknow-Animals and Creatures, it tells you all the truly weird and bizarre facts about them. The author is Jennifer Mappin if you happened to be interested. I copied out some facts from the book last night and I am going to enter one in each of my post whenever I blog. Teehee. Educational eh.

I just discovered that my zen neeon needs 6 hours to be fully charged using computer and only 3 hours using the power adaptor which is only sold separately. AP lehs. Means I have to spend money la. I have added a few other items to my wishlist. And I think I am gonna get some stik-ons for my zen neeon. It's too plain looking nowadays. There are now better zen neeons in the market, according to the Digital Life in today's Straits Times.

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt of myself getting a new hp. Nokia 6681. LOL. Totally hilarious dream. Right now, I am thinking of getting Acuvue contact lens. Hm money money money. Everything needs money.

I am going to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur with my big family this friday yays. Really looking forward to it. I want to have my zen neeon fully charge before going on the trip. My zen neeon's battery span is only 16 hours, meaning it can play up to only 16 hours of music when it's fully charged. The new and better zen neeon can play up to 32 hours of music. ARGH.

I have also found a new blogskin which I will be changing to very soon. Maybe now...

Did you know The common housefly tastes with its feet, vomits on the food, then enjoy a tasty meal of vomit and food. (awww disgusting creatures...)


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