Sunday, November 6

sc camp

woohoo I am back from student council camp 2005. Did anyone miss me? Hehe. Tell you wad. SC Camp rawks... totally rawks. Was telling Jingles just now that I miss SC camp and she was somehow surprised and i dunno why. Yupps i went out with my darling twinnn aka jingles aka shumin just now. hm should i talk abt the camp first or the shopping/eating spree first?

I think i will talk abt the eating spree first. No worries that i will forget abt the details abt sc camp. I have already noted down the main points. And eh my short term memory shouldnt have deteriorated so badly.

Alright. I was super tired cos after reaching home from the camp yesterday i took a nice yet short bath then went to Roland Restaurant for Choong Nan kor's wedding dinner. Whee the bride's really pretty :D Ok ok more on that later or perhaps tmr. It's late (ok maybe its considered early as compared to my bedtime at sc camp but it is DIFFERENT. camp is camp la. sotong la you.) and i want to read Xiaxue's blog. She has a photolog of the halloween party she went to and it's so cool. whoa =)

Hmm nice music is currently playing on my zen neeon. Radio station 88.3 I dont really listen to this radio station cos the reception not too good at my house. Or more likely becos i prefer 93.3 cos got music diary mahs. But when i turned on my zen jus now, the xian ge ji yi prog over liaos so i switched to 88.3 lo. And u noe wad, genius bel aka me found a spot on the table beside my table which has the best reception to the radio stations *beams. better still, fm 88.3 is playing music non stop. And talking abt that, i want to get Jay Chou's new album laa. Usually i get it once it is released but now cos i am really broke. I just returned my brother the 10 bucks which i borrowed from him this morning. SIGH.

I set my alarm clock last night to wake me up at 830am this morning and i asked my grandma to wake me up if the alarm clock failed its job. But my grandma who knows me too well doubt that i will wake up even if she does so. GRRR. She was right. I only woke up at 11 this morning cos my brother was sitting beside my bed and pestering me with questions and kept asking me to wake up. Ah. I should hire him as my alarm clock jus that i am short of cash now.

Then in the mid of blurness i walked to the toilet and looked into the mirror. Wohoo no sunburn lehs! Amazing har? I actually applied some Nivea Sun Block Lotion on my arms and legs before going to ecp. Didnt apply on my face cos i dont trust the lotion. Scared that it will do something to my face... Bwahahas. Dont laugh. This type of thing cannot risk you know!

Digress abit arh. Talk abt the part of camp. While applying the lotion, I was telling shueling and shumin about how i always get sunburn on my face esp on my nose. Shumin told me before that my nose is very protuding like ahmoh. No lo. Mine is erh sharp la. but aiya dunno. not as nice la. Anyway i didnt realise it until this year cos i always thot it was jus a nose. lol

Ok back to today. I was glad that i did not suffer from sunburns. Becos when i do, the burns made me look like i cant stop blushing or that i am drunk which is bad. Talking abt the drunk part, i will have more to elaborate when i talk abt choong nan kor's wedding tmr.

Sorrie for digressing. I changed into a pink B.U.M blouse and a grey U2 skirt. Then dumped stuff into my new tout bag from Ice Lemon Tee. My mom bought for me, together with a couple of skirts from jurong point before the sc camp.

Then took a cab to Singapore Post. I went to develop photos for the contest twin and i are joining and some photos which i took in germany. Becos if i develop less than 20 photos, there will be an extra service charge of 3 bucks and each photo costs 50 cents which is like so not worth it. 3 bucks = 6 photos. So i chose exactly photos and paid for it, took the recipt and went down to the food court to look for my mom, grandma and brother.

My brother was eating laksa. yea LAKSA lehs. To him, its delicious and yummy. To me, its just practically a bowl of coconut milk and oil. Bwahahas. Then we went to KFC for our lunch. My brother had his lunch already so he only drank root beer.

I shant tell you about my lunch in case your saliva starts dripping hahas =P but i can assure you that its a meal filled with lotsa calories and such but i hope the lemonade i consumed after eating helped in the burning of calories.

Went to the post office to post my letter to Yuen Yin which i finally replied. Then went to the bus stop. Had a dispute with my mom and i stormed to the MRT station angrily. Dont wanna talk abt the dispute and anyway you wont be interested. hehe. Just some disagreement.

Waited for Jingles near the front of the mrt. Cos she couldnt get to the first cabin or whatever in time. She ran out of the mrt to call me and we ran into the train together. LOL. Started chatting and it was a long journey to jurong east kaes. Chatted abt lotsa stuff.

After reaching jurong, we walked to JEC. then bought soya bean at Jollibean. Yayys. We LOVE JOLLIBEAN. Actually I love Mr. Bean too. Heee.

Then shopped around. JEC is more interesting then I expected. We discovered that theres lots to eat... Pizza Hut, Delifrance, KFC, Mac etc. Theres even a cinema. Then there's an ice-skating rink. I think thats the one yy and yl talked abt the other time. Then theres Kbox beside the skating rink. Theres a nice shop selling cross stitch and stuff. I spotted cross stitch kits of horoscopes but theres no gemini one. Too bad.

Then we bought two cross stitch bookmarks at that shop after which we walked to IMM which is opposite JEC. More chatting on the way. And we jay-walked. Oops. IMM is really big. Walked around. Then reached this section selling lotsa food. Practically a food paradise and i was telling shumin that if we have exchange programme next time, we must definitely bring our buddies to IMM to try out all the local food. I bought a currypuff from Old Chang Kee and Jingles bought a dofu plus fish cake from one of the store. The currypuff was not as nice today. Kinda watery or rather oily. Eeeeyeeer ok i am guilty.

Then we walked around to find the Information Counter then in the end we finally asked one of the assistants in the store. Funny isnt it? Usually people asked the IC for the location of a particular shop but we did the opposite. What to do? The shopping mall's too big laa. Then there is a Thai Culture thing currently going on there at the third storey. We dropped by. Nth much. Thai food and stuff. Jingles going to Thailand next monday la. And her flight is at 630am. Ohno. Hahas.

Then we walked around then nth much. Took the escalator down and as fate has arranged, we ended up at the food paradise again. Jingles bought ice mocha from one of the stores and i bought a honeydew milk tea. Hers was nice. Mine's not. Sotong me apparently didnt know that honeydew milk tea means honeydew syrup being added to milk tea. Becos i always take chocolate milk tea. Ohwells at least now i noe.

Then we drank as we walked and went into Giant HyperMart. I didnt know that we can bring drinks into Giant!!!! I am gonna change my blog url to sotong-bel. Cos i am really one sotong. I didnt know you know. Jingles was laughing at me la. Then we looked at titbits which we considered getting for our class chalet. We are volunteering to shop for food... provided theres sufficient class fund.

Went out of Giant. Then walked past the bus interchange to take the mrt to TM. Wanted to go to the wallet shop to get a new wallet. Reached tm. The wallet i want was not found there. Bummer... Shopped around. Went into Precious Thots and looked at the figurines. Might be getting them for Ms Loh's wedding :D

Went to popular. We saw this video on yoga playing. Tell you sth, i cant learn yoga. Cos its too much for my very limited patience. Hee. We became studious and looked at books. There are many nice storybooks there. But i dont have money to buy all. Talking about money, before i left the house for Singapore Post in the morning, my mom nagged at me about my very expensive hp bill. It actually shot way high up. I have no idea why. I thot I had 700 free sms or sth. But somehow the bill showed only 500 sms were free. And thats the October bill when exams were over and everyone's smsing. Its pretty obvious that i will die tragically if i request for a new hp now so i am not saying another word abt a new hp. Otherwise I have to say a last goodbye to you.

Hm then took mrt home. Jingles walked home. I made another sotong mistake. I forgot she was walking home. So when i reached the mrt station, i msged her and asked if she had reached the bus stop =,- Aiya ppl forget suddenly ma. Alighted at my station and walked home. Btw we went to Mini Bits at tm too. Bought sth and a bracelet for myself. The 'sth' is for someone =X My lips are sealed. And I am a 'black' member of Mini Toons LOL Figure wad issit la. Though its some kind of nonsensical stuff.

Its super late now la. 11.43 pm. I am gonna sleep soon. More on SC Camp and Nan kor's wedding tmr. Byeee. Niceee twin is getting me souvenirs from thailand. I LOVE MY TWIN.

wait wait. I went blog-hunting jus now. Read a few blogs including shumin's and colin's. Shumin nv really elaborate on our shopping/eating spree so pls refer to the above. LOL afflicted blog entry. Colin dont sound like him in his blog. Ok maybe cos i dunno him very well la. But one thing for sure, his blog has niceee music like energy's yan lei de wei dao. Its by energy right? Yayy Mandopop rawks. I must start saving for jay's latest album

kaes really gtg. cya ppl.


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