Sunday, November 20

oh shoot.

oh shoot. I forgot to watch the real da vinci code show on channel newsasia just now. Apparently becos i was pissed off. I didnt even watch harry potter. my zen neeon's batt died on me again. I am going off soon so I cant be bothered to charge it. oh no. Means no zen to pei me on that bus tmr ah. thats terrible. whatever.

alright i am getting ap. cos i need my sleep. here's my last quiz for the day. goodnight.

you are the yellow rose. you can't live without
your friends. you love them to death(not
literally)*tehehe* anyway, best friends are
hard to find and the easiest to lose. But you
have to break free and do what you want to do
sometimes you can't just do whatever your
friends do.

WhAt CoLoR rOsE aRe YoU?(pretty much girl q's srry guys)
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