Tuesday, October 25

lotsa things i wan to say !

woohoo. i edited my blog template. Ok there's not much of a difference. But I have put up some nice midi from Lavender. It's hua xiang by Xu Shao Yang. Nice ? (: But I think it's kind of slow. Actually I like the other song better. The one Leo wrote for Yi Xun in the show, xing fu de shun jian. I have been singing the song the past two days. It's really really nice. I forgot some parts of the lyrics and was so addicted to the song that I downloaded halfway from last night. The loading took way too long la. Oops I think it's the previous night. Cos I didn't come online last night. Too tired.

Went to see the doctor regarding my acne problems yesterday evening. And gosh I was the last patient. Waited for very long cos I went to the polyclinic. Then the medication for washing and applying cost around fifty bucks. Argh. That's like so much cheaper than what I spent on skincare products. They not only did not work, they worsened my skin condition. Grr. Yes I am having acne problems now. My skin used to be very healthy lorhs. Even my aunt was surprised when she saw the zits. ah. Hey this is adolescence la come on. Don't mountain tortoise cann. So when you see me or talk to me, treat me like a typical human being or teenager. And don't keep staring at me like I am some kind of aliens from Mars. I will very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Ah ha. Talking about aliens from Mars, how's Tian Wei arh? Hahas. I remembered writing a poem about Martians in P6 and that was like how many years ago. I miss primary school. I am glad that I still have a brother in gmps. And he is my link between my primary sch and me. Talking about that, Mrs Soh passed the CIP form and a gift for me to my brother this morning. Yay she is so wonderful (: Miss her and the others teachers like Mdm Nah and Mrs Tok loads.

Hm went for tuition class last night too. Brought my chemistry exam papers along but did not show it to Mr Lee cos the lesson ended quite soon. I was very tired and dying to go home. Anyway there's nothing about my results to feel proud of. It's like so super lousy, LOUSY. I have accepted that reality long long ago.

Hmm btw Had the first community service club meeting yesterday. Ah I conducted the meeting and I must say it's kind of a failure. I wasn't prepared. It wasn't a very formal meeting la. With me laughing and everyone smiling. Hahas. Mrs Koh came to join us and Miss Tan came after the meeting ended and everyone was dismissed.

Ok as for today. Went to the avt to watch this show on crime investigation by Mathematics. Ah that guy's a pro cann. I was already terrifired upon seeing those complicated Maths formulas so the reason why I did so badly for Maths is pretty understandable.

There's this fire-fighting demo at the field and the sun was like so scorching hot. But lucky we didn't stay under the sun long enough to give me sunburns. I am beginning to hate sunburns although I look like I am blushing every second with those sunburns on my face. Lol. But it's not good for the skin. One issue of Shape commented something like 'If you love your skin, don't suntan.'

Digress le. Ok back to fire fighting. There were students form each class to try extinguishing a fire. One of the firemen kept relighting the fire after it was being extinguished. Hahas. Darren and Peixin were the volunteers from our class. Yups. Mdm Nora elected them as the fire-fighters volunteers. Whoa bravo! That Jin Tao guy was the centre of attention during the firefighting demo.

After that, we went to the auditorium for a talk on firefighting. Then we watched a video on firefighting. Sharon Au was the host or sth. After the video and the presenting of souvenirs by Mr Fong to the fireman, DHP students proceeded to the hall for a talk on the move to RJC premise while the SAP students stayed in the auditorium to watch the movie we watched yesterday, 'Nobody knows'. Talking about that, I didn't manage to catch the ending cos hafta leave for briefing. Even SC contact time was cancelled because of that. While walking to the hall, Eileen was telling me that I look like Sharon Au. OMG?! Lol. That's a nice compliment but I don't think I resemble Sharon Au in any ways. Lol

The talk in the hall was about designs of logo for DHS 50th aniversary and our new JC uniform. As well as the transportation issue to our new premise at Bueno Vista. I didn't know Bueno Vista is so far from Tanjong Rhu, all the way from the east to the west. Ah. I hope that my dad will be nice and continues to fetch me to school every morning. Heehee. Well if my brother does well in his PSLE next year and gets into DHS, my dad can fetch both of us together. Whee. If not, touch wood la, but just for example, then my dad have to fetch me to the west then my brother how? Ah. It's too early to say anything so ohwells.

Hm I hope to catch 'Flight Plan' this week... And I want more cross-stitch kits. I am greedy yeah. I haven't complete the one I bought a few weeks ago. It's supposed to be a tissue bag but I think it's too small to be a tissue bag. I need a new weighing machine too. Mine's spoilt. LOL.

Ok kidding. I just read in Shape that if you are dieting and have decided to opt for a healthier and more fabulous lifestyle, it will makes you feel better if you blame the 'faulty' weighing machine in the first few months of dieting. Muhahas.

I am trying my best to eat healthily. I had a sandwich for lunch just now plus a yogurt drink. Yummy. Keeping a food diary is not really helping except that it made me realised I am really a glutton. Lol

I am also in love with MayDay's Zhi zu. From their latest album and also the theme song of the 9pm show on Channel 8, A Promise for Tomorrow. It's a meaningful show.

Here's a list of songs which I really really like now:
1) Xing fu de shun jian (Xu Shao Yang)
2) Zhi zu (Mayday)
3) Because I love you (Shakins Stevens)
4) I knew I loved you (Savage Garden)
5) Waiting (Boa)
6) Yan Lei de Wei Dao (Energy)
7) Take My Breath Away (Berlin issit?)
8) Yes I Love You (SHE)
9) Wu Ke Qu Dai (SHE)
10) Chi Xin Jue Dui (Li Sheng Jie)

Xing fu de shun jian is the ending song for Lavender and also, as I mentioned earlier, the song which Leo wrote for Yi Xun in the show. Really nice song. Hm the lyrics goes something like this. Pardon me my translation skills once again. I will just translate the chorus first cos I can't remember the other lyrics but they are really meaningful and touching (:

Moment of Happiness

Unlocking the lock of time for you, setting love free
Don't let it control you
Cried and struggled before, let the pain pass
Till that day when a fallen leaf lands silently in front of my eyes
No longer hurt
Finally believe in eternity
Moment of happiness.

Unlocking the lock of time for you, setting love free
Not regretting every single second cos I am here for you
As our past and future slowly replays themselves
Please forgive the tears of sweetness
I am thankful that you are here this lifetime
In the moment of happiness
For me to rely on.

Ah what lousy translation laa >< Sorrie about that. But the lyrics are really hard to translate cos I am translating directly. Grr hafta brush up my translating skills LOL.. Kaes I am off to watch the television. Byee.

Will be back later to do csc contact list and to tidy my portfolio. Till then. cya (:


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