Sunday, October 30

shopping at pp

After watching the films at the AVT, my mom and I went to the foyer and waited for my dad to fetch us. Then we saw yuhan and started chatting with her. My dad came and we gave a ride to Yuhan to parkway parade.

My mom and i went to the food court to have our lunch although its like 5 plus already. I had meesiam, siew mai and minute maid- lemonade. I shared the meesiam with my mom cos it was too much for my stomach. hahas and the price went up by twenty cents.

Then we went to MPH. I headed for the Astrology section as usual. Saw a few books on astrology... yayy i am getting them i think. But i am broke now. Never mind. I can always borrow them from the library. I havent been to the library for like a century la. hahas.

Saw a few nice books... do check them out if you enjoy reading love stories. Most of them are love stories.

I'm a believer by Jessica Adams
On thin ice by Cherry Adair
PS I love you by Cecilia Ahern
Where the rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern
Rosie Dunne by Cecilia Ahern

Nice books. These books can be found at the Popular Fiction section at PP's MPH.

Then i went to OP and got a new pair of flipflops, a shirt and a wallet for my brother. Then went to guardian to get a wrist guard for my right wrist. It was hurting so terribly yesterday. It is slightly better today. The wrist band was around 11 bucks. The lady at the pharmacy measured my wrist and it was an amazing 13.5 cm and definitely a small size wrist support. The small size actually ranged from 14.0- 16.5cm. Hahas

bought the wrist support then went home. Tired. I am gonna get started on my homework now. I was feeling ap yesterday. Hm fortunately not anymore today. Chatted with yi ling last night. She was telling me: dont hate cos you will only hurt yourself more.

Yupps i think thats true. I am not hating that particular person. Not liking either. I am just disappointed in him/her. I was once feeling hopeful abt him/her. But he/she dashed my hopes and discoloured my rainbow. If that person happens to be reading my blog, i just wanna say:

Thanks for acting like you care.
Thanks for all the wonderful but short memories that you left.
Hope we are still friends.
Yups but i doubt anyone noe who is that person la. I am not telling anyway. Studies and rainbows shall be my priority next year. Btw i actually resisted KFC and burger king last night muhahas. yay. And i ate brunch today. bye calories.
SC camp is on next friday. Time flies. I havent start packing yet. I am worried abt eating too slow during the camp. I have no idea why my appetite has been deteriorating. Its either I am eating slower or no appetite. Aiya its not on purpose kaes.
Kaes i gtg. bye


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