Tuesday, October 18

a day out with my haojiemeis

i shall just try to summarize up all the stuff that happened today. Met up with shumin at aljunied mrt before heading towards somerset to meet yunyin and yi ling. So nice of twin to wait for me. I wore contacts after much hesitation.

went to cineleisure. Wanted to watch ' Everlasting Regret ' initially but we were 5 minutes late i think. We considered quite a number of movies before deciding on 'Into the Blue'. Some of the movies we considered were 'skeleton key' and 'spirit of the glass' hahas. horror movies. we took a long time to decide and actually used 'scissors paper stone' to make the final decision. LOL

Yy, yl and sm trust me so i kept the movie tickets. yayys. after that went to 'more than words', sm bought a pair of very nice earrings. its really very niceee. then walked around.

Went heeren. Looked around at HMV. Then went the top floor to take neoprints but due to my poor sense of direction, we cant find the neoprints shop and because we needed to head back to Cineleisure for our movie, we started to look for the escalator to go downstairs. then you know who i saw. I saw two of the superstar finalists. Sugianto and Silver. i was the first among four of us to notice them bahs. i wasnt sure at first then i turned back to look at them. hahas. Why junyang not with them... hahas.

went back to cineleisure. bought amos cookies. went into the cinema. and then the movie started. we were early. the seats were comfy and the cookies were yummy. the movie ended around 2 hours later. and it was a great experience sitting next to sm. lol i almost thought i was watching a horror movie.

the movies's quite ok. the front part is erm a bit boring but the middle and ending is super exciting and thriling. actually not thrilling enough cos i kinda met up with zhou gong. hahas no la. my amos cookies kept me awake. there was this super disgusting part tho. its kinda fake when Amanda's leg got tore off by the shark. ah. there was blood. eeyer

yups the movie is nice... Paul Walker is really charming eh. Blue eyes... muscular. blah blah. hahas Jessica Alba's pretty... hahas.

yuppps after that we jus shopped around. took photos outside taka. then took mrt to yy's hse. watched 'the classics'. really touching and romantic korean movie. yy's maids prepared noodles and nuggets for us. Really nice of them.

watched till 7 plus then took mrt home. i was really fed up with my slippers. Other than the loud and irritating noise it makes whenever i walk, it also gives me blisters and slips off whenever its wet. it slipped off twice after i crossed the traffic light when i was walking home from the mrt station just now. sooooo irritating.

i jus realised that i used alot of 'nice' in this entry. sorrie abt that. i have limited vocabulary. heee.

tomorrow's gonna be another fun day out ... at Escape Theme Park. wheee. today is a fun but tired day. hm i am tired. *yawns. ZzzzzZzzzzz


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