Saturday, October 22

oh so b-o-r-i-n-g

ah i was just telling twin at msn that staying at home is oh so b-o-r-i-n-g... yes BORING... i am practically rotting away.

woke up at 11am this morning. then watched lavender vcds all the way till 2 plus. Whoa nicee... Sad that Yi Xun died but she left wonderful memories for Leo. Maggie is really detestable. Doing all the extremes just to make Leo return to her side. ah bitchy eh. Xiao Tong is really giving. He can do anything for the person he loved and he is the opposite of Maggie. Lavender symbolises awaiting love/romance. Hmmm. And there was this very meaningful quote from the show:
Zhi yao you li hu xi, jiu hui kan jian qi ji

And the song which Leo wrote for Yi Xun is really touching- Xing fu de shun jian
After watching I did cross-stitching. On my aida cloth right now are a few purple-pink flowers and leaves and 5 and a almost completed hearts. After completing all the hearts, I will cross stitch pooh... Whee. But till then, i shall just stare at my blog template. Hehe.

After cross stitching, at around 5pm, I went to switch on the television. There's a debut of a teenage drama series on Channel U. Sweet Lemon Romance. Starring Li Wei from WeWe. The beginning of the show was quite boring but there were very nice quotes. I shall try to translate it from what I can remember. Hm.

The taste of lemon is similar to that of love. Those who have not truly been in love will say that lemons taste sour. But for those who have truly been in love, they will be able to taste the sweetness out from the sourness. Hence when you are able to taste the sweetness of a lemon, perhaps you will find love soon.

Among the sour taste of lemons there exists a tinge of bitterness. And these sourness and bitterness will transform into sweetness when one is truly in love.

Then the show was quite interesting and there were a few actors and different stories revolve around them. Hm nice nice *thumb-up (:

Tomorrow at 4pm or 430 pm there's DN Angel anime. Then at 5pm there is another teenage drama series. Not sure if it is a debut but I know that Jerry Yen is in the show =) Dao ming si!

I want to buy 'Crying out love in the centre of the world' VCD. 'The Classics' which we watched at Yun Yin's house a few days ago was really romantic and touching but because there were four of us watching together so no one cried. I am pretty sure that if I am watching that all alone by myself, my tears would have flooded my room. I want to watch Korean movies and shows...

'Love at Harvard' VCDs are currently on my wishlist, together with a lot of other items which I am like so desperately wishing for ? Oh well. Money is the problem. Should I get a holiday job? Maybe... Maybe not. I definitely won't be able to commit to the job now that I have got 2 CCAs and many other programmes and activities. I am as busy as a bee~

Hm. Lucky I am not going on any overseas immersion during the nov hols. As if like I will even be able to go. I went on TWO overseas immersion trips last March and June and spent a bomb laa. Haiya. Staying in Singapore is nice. My homeland. A place where I am familiar with. Hehe.

Hmmm I am looking forward to next year's humanities trip. Whee heard that it's either to New Zealand or Australia. Yay. Oops talking about that. Next year we will be going to Nanjing. Which reminds me that I have not replied my Nanjing buddy aka Yujin's letter. ah. There's Yuen Yin's letter too.

And then there's reflection to do for Triple Sci Exams. Talking about exams... Sigh. My results are disappointing. My mom havent seen the papers cos she is currently monitoring my brother's revision for eoys. Phew. My results are really bad and disappointing ! Yes. I thought I did my best but i knew that in actual fact, this wasn't my best effort. AT ALL. This was like the least effort which I could put in. I was telling myself the other time. Others can disappoint me but I must not disappoint myself and yet I did ? I guess I have to find a tuition centre or rather a tuition teacher for A maths, E maths (My A maths seemed to be better than my E maths.), Physics, Biology, Physics and GEOGRAPHY. Miss Pear might make a good tuition teacher. Aiya. That's practically like tuitioning everything? And I have two CCAs plus student council. Can i cope? Well, i can't seem to have an honest answer to that question.

Maybe I should get a tutor for some serious time management. Yes. I seriously need to learn to manage my time WISELY.

Then there is art club and community service club stuff. And then I am going to develop the photo twin and I took tomorrow. Aiya I just have this whole lot of stuff to do but I cant remember all of them now. My short term memory is acting up again. Holidays is going to be so busy. But hopefully I won't be staying at home all day. No no. I know I won't get to. I will have to make use of my hols to brush up my studies. I can't waste my life away like this. Getting away with disappointing grades and totally heck-care about my studies. This is not life.

During the exam period, I wrote these two phrases on a black piece of paper using silver ink.
Ni bu neng yu zhi ming tian, dan ni ke yi li yong jin tian.
Ni bu neng yang yang shun li, dan ni ke yi shi shi jin li.

Meaningful right? That shall be my motto for next year. I didn't do my best for studies yet I have like such a long wishlist. I think even the angels won't grant my wishes. Cos I don't deserve it. I am not an angel anymore. I have been demoted... to a mortal. So now I am just like any typical mortal... with a reverie and a guardian angel watching over me. And when I learn to do my best and live life to the fullest, i shall then promote myself again. But till then, I shall learn from my mistakes and make up for it. Actions speak louder than words... That i know.

Guess I am off to do the 120-word write up for CSC.


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