Friday, October 14

i am bored

ah i am bored and i feel like sleeping already. its really funny.. like what i told yy last night. When i can slack i dunno how to slack. supposed to go yy's hse to watch movie today but yl cant make it so we shall meet up another time. sigh i am feeling tired.

and i realised that the previous entry's pretty boring. yea dogs are cute but looking at the whole lot of non-animated pictures of puppies can be pretty boring. the real thing is cuter right. hahas. its gonna be a long time before i get a dog as a puppy la. maybe when i am older and go out to work... yups when i am financially independent.

actually i wanted to upload photos of erh myself and friends etc etc. but the last photos i took with my digi cam was my dad's machines. And before that were those taken in germany and i think those photos you all see until sian liaos right. but i still enjoy looking at them. hahas. cos germany is fun. ah I MISS GERMANY.

Let's see what do i miss about germany... ... hm Berlin Wall, King Ludwig II's castle..., staying in the hotels and sharing a room with jelly. the Jewish museum... Dachau concentration camp. the greenery... the mountains. the international student hostel. the breakfasts, takeaway lunch and dinners. the ice cream store opposite the hostel. the debriefing at the end of each day. the evening stroll etc etc... ah memories.

I miss Paris and London too. Paris and London were fun. Eiffel tower. Art Museums. Mona Lisa Painting. sharing a hotel room with charmaine. i was super motherly during the trip. made new friends too. like taxy, qingzi aka chilli... the breakfasts, lunches and dinners... the louvre etc everything.

hopefully i can upload some photos of myself and friends soon. i will be bringing my camera around these days when i go out i think. hmmm there will definitely be some outings for my haojiemeis. and i will be going out with peiyu one of these days to celebrate her belated birthday. was considering monday but i have chem tuition. hmm..

will there be a 3J class chalet? i hope so. 2d04 chalet? i hope so too. Art club gathering? yupps yupps. SPCs supposed to plan that and i happened to be one of the SPCs, together with charmaine and jia min. hmm

during the last art club committee meeting each of us has a long list of stuff to do. But now i can only remember that i have to get the info for the latest contact list. hm i shall ask dawn later. provided she's online.

family gathering? hm i will be going on a trip to malaysia with relatives from my mother's side. there are altogether 3 buses and everyone's from my family. ah big family lehs. all my cousins and aunts and uncles will be going. i am definitely looking forward to that trip. time for bonding with my relatives.

6ch02 cls gathering? ah ha. thats indeed one reverie. i remembered the last time heard of it was i think last year issit. when yuxin planned a bbq. in the end it was called off. ohwells. i have organizing terror from what i experienced in sec1 and well some of my ex-clsmates werent very supportive so ohwells.

ah ha. i will be going to the cpa camp this year again. woohooo. i used to fear camps. having to leave my comfy home and wonderful parents and grandma. but now i look forward to camps. as well as going overseas. its time i learn to be independent.

hmm there will be one day in the hols when i will be going out with cheryl and cindy. to catch up with each other on our current life. its been a long time since i met them and i miss them loads.

all the above are worth capturing some shots for memorial.

seems like i have lotsa things to do har. hahas. ohya i i still havent reply yuenyin's letter as well as my nanjing buddy's letter. oops. have been keeping them waiting cos eoys were on at that time.

theres still peiyu and eugene's postcards. hmm and i owe shumin, yy, yl and jh postcards too. ah so busy. i was supposed to write them postcards to encourage them for eoys. but now i shall just write for fun. hehes.

i still owe cheryl and email as well. and i have to design my daily diet if i hope to shed some kilos by next year. i need to save money too... cos i seemed to be quite broke for the rest of this month.

i bought a book and a cross stitch kit at popular yesterday. and almost half of my allowance was used up last sunday when i went to popular to get those maths stuff for maths exam. i bought a new set of french curves which cost around 7 bucks. and a circle template which costs 12 bucks. i had no choice but to buy it cos theres no time to go to another popular. argh. In additional to that, i bought a new chicken soup book which costs twenty bucks? ah.

hahas. thats abt it. and i think i am going offline. cos i am bored being online. cya.


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