Sunday, October 16

not really in a mood to blog today. and i think i jus caught a flu aaaachooooo.

i am really getting bored being online. there's not much stuff to do online. i really really wanna get out of the house and do sth fun outside. perhaps catch a movie or shop till i drop. or go marina bay for a nice steamboat meal and then go kiteflying. just anything but staying at home laa.

went causeway point yesterday and gosh i forgot to bring my hp out with me. lucky it was at home. all safe and sound in the basketball hp holder on my study desk. phew. and no one smsed me yesterday bwahahas. except for a msg from the VoiceMail thingy.

went to popular, kiddy place, mini toons, singtel etc etc. bought a noise-producing toy at kiddy place for my cousin. she is really really adorable. finally saw her yesterday. played with her and i carried her too. took photos of her and with her. but havent upload yet so yea too bad.

and you noe wad. i saw Xue Jia Yan aka Hao Yi from Zhen Qing there too. She was doing some publicity stuff for her cooking vcd and she was signing her vcds when we noticed her. then my mom and i went closer to the stage. then the emcee announced that she had to rush to KL to do publicity and when she was walking away she actually waved to me and my mom. she walked away in front of us. She was like less than 1m in front of us. oh gosh. she is pretty lorhs. and she slimmed down. not as plump as she was in Zhen Qing. She was very beautifully dressed and looked gorgeous laa. yupp then i took out my camera and wanted to take a pic of her but sigh my actions too slow le. so she walked away. hahas then she got into a nice nice car and drove off. ah. she kept waving from the car... hahas

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Hao Yi reminds me of my primary school Mother Tongue teacher, Mrs You. ah i miss her. cant remember when was the last time i saw her but i remembered dreaming of her. guess i miss her too much. i shall write to her one day.

then my mom and i went to OP to get me a new pair of slippers. cos mine's really dirty and the sole had already wore and tore. i saw this design and i tried on the pink, black and blue one. i preferred the black one. but the salesgirl and my mom told me that the blue one is nicer and cos i dun have blue slippers. then i said i dun like the blue ones. so my mom told me to get the reddish pink one. the pink is hot pink and really striking. not really what i want. sigh. then the salesgirl went to get my size for the pink one while i continued to look around. saw this really really really niceeeeee khaki-coloured slippers. ah i really liked it but it costs close to 30 bucks and my mom thinks that its not worth 30 bucks. so in the end we didnt get anything from the shop. i shall go back there and get the slippers one day. ah ha ;)

my mom bought carrot cake and we went to the benches outside Singtel to eat. I didnt eat the carrot cake cos it was too oily. i went to Yu Ren Sheng to buy herbal eggs instead. yummy and healthy. i saw this video with Xue Jia Yan cooking at the store. hahas.

after eating the herbal egg, i went to Singtel to look see look see. and omg you noe wad i saw? i saw a pinkkkkkkkkk PINKKKKKKKKK PINKKKKKKKK phone!! let me repeat.


its Panasonic VS2. ah and its pink. it costs around 298 bucks for upgrading... ... was telling my mom about it and no doubt i got a lecture laa. about how bad the economy is and wad a spendthrift i am. argh.

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the phone is really niceee.... and i really hope that i will get it. finally fell in love with a phone. so i shall pray hard. actually i nearly had a chance to get the phone but all's gone. argh. but i must get it clear. that phone is a want and not a need. Just another item for luxury and not a necessarity. so ohwells. wow great. i am like brainwashing myself for sth i want to have?

hm i think i should learn to be contented instead of wanting and wishing for more. One who is contented is happy. i am happy but not contented. so i shall learn to be contented. but but but.

i want that OP slippers and that panasonic phone!!! LOL

i am really broke now. REALLY REALLY BROKE. after buying some stuff at popular and watson yesterday i am left with like a few coins. ah help.

wonder if there will be any programme tmr. ohya chem tuition la. haiya. i mean other than that. maybe movies with my haojiemeis? then tuesday go escape. wednesday go east coast cycle? hahas. perhaps perhaps perhaps. jus got to know that there is lower sec intercls tmr. but dun think i will be going to sch.

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always an angel with a reverie...a daydream which will never come true... ... ... ...


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