Sunday, September 18

mooncake festival celebration and hsk exam

i am gonna type really really fast cos i am only giving myself like around 15 minutes to blog. so much has happened the past few days. there was mooncake festival celebration in school on friday.

friday was a fun day. but it rained in the morning. it was creepy cos i had just started my morning duty at the maingate every morning from tuesday onwards till i think the end of this term. then i was thinking about what if i would have to report for duty if it was raining or do i have to take umbrellas to shelter my fellow peers into the school. i was quite sure it wld be the latter laa. then the next day it rained. it wasnt raining when i reached sch at around 7 but it started drizzling at around 720 and i was holding this pathetically heavy umbrella at the school gate. it was windy and my umbrella was swaying from side to side. but it was the first time i didnt perspire while doing duty tho. my shirt was wet due to the rain.

it was an interesting experience. it was afterall my first time doing maingate duty in my history of being a student councillor. and i think i was kinda blur while performing my duty. sigh i have more to learn though i am the assistant ic. hehehes.

first period after flag raising was pe but since it was raining so no pe. did bio essay ques and chatted with twin. we had some interesting and lame argument but i cant remember what it was now. after that was LA. was late for the lecture. and i was sinful. i didnt pay full attention during the lecture. argh

after LA was CSP. went back to class. the six of us pia csp powerpoint presentation the previous night and jh was such a smartypants to get a fabulous website. applause for jh. and yy was nice. i nearly couldnt get braces cos my mom NEARLY changed her mom. ohgosh. yea i noe. promises are meant to be broken but disappointments are really terrible, not to mention that i have suffered so many times of disappointments this year.

but we didnt get to present csp. realised that the presentation is only next week. hahas csp lesson was really interesting this time and this was the first time which i didnt feel sleepy. watched videos and listened to an laoshi. finally able to understand the lesson. FINALLY~~

after csp was recess. erh i cant remember where we went or did. i think we went to the canteen issit? i think so. after recess was geog. and i said sth stooopid which made me seem really dumb and the others laughed non-stop. i dunno if i should say it here but i think no. cos it wld only emphasize on my dumbness. and oh pls it has completely nth to do with jin huang shi cuo kaes. my mouth jus couldnt communite effectively with my brain at that time.

ms pear told us more abt the make-up geog test next thurs and the guys were arguing with her to use the average score for the test. grrrr.

there was an sc meeting after sch at the cluster training room. after that went for lunch. ate two honeydews and a strawberry biscuits due to temptation by jingles. went to the hostel canteen to help arrange the tables and prepare the place for the mooncake making. sth creepy happened and i think it really scared jingles. hahas. cos we were tying the plastic table cloth or whatever to the legs of the table then one of the end with no tears actually jus appeared ON the table. ok this is a lousy explanation so forget it.

after that i went to the library to look for jelly, yy and yl. and they actually thot i didnt see them so they pretended to be transparent by lying on the table =.- lol after that we went to parkway and yy and yl taught me and jh a game they always played. its really nice and i am proud to say that both me and jh have finally mastered it. practice makes perfect mahhs =P

the lyrics of the game goes:
apples on a stick
gonna make me sick
gonna make my heart go
two four six

not becos its dirty
not becos its clean
jus becos she kisses the boy
behind the magazine (yy,yl and jh like to change this part of the lyrics ><)

boys and girls
coming out to play
here comes (name) in a
short short skirt

she can do the rhythm
she can do the beat
but i bet ten bucks
that she cant do this

close your eyes and
count to ten
if you mess up
your a big fat hen

one two three
four five
six seven eight

nine ten
big fat hen
big fat hen
big fat hen

LOL cute right. jus that i was get teased by the edited lyrics booo.

went to pp then shopped around. ate lunch then bought lanterns. i ate until super bloated. and sad to say i didnt manage to get a watch. sigh. i wanted a casio watch but looking at the amount of money i had left. it is one big fat hope. i cant possibly ask money from my parents cos i really wld get a whole lot of nagging in return. i should be contented. yes i should.

returned back to school. then erh played the game in cls then proceeded to the basketball court for the celebration. played truth or dare with yl, yy and jh. and i got asked a stoooopid question by jingles. argh and of cos i replied with a stupid answer ;)

after that we were given peanuts, titbits, pomelo and mooncake. i was really bloated so only ate a little mooncake cos it was made by my twin, and abit of pomelo. then played concentration game and dare and dare with cecilia and the others. and stoooopiiiiidddd darren kept mumbling numbers to me then i couldnt concentrate and hence i had to do dare. argh. meanie eh. it was super malu. all thanks to him laa.

after that there was the viewing of baby photos of our teachers and staffs. then the karaoke session. whooohoooo mr sng rawks! mr low rawks! tong hua lehs. i was like screaming when i saw the mv. and the guys were like unfeeling or sth. i cant rmb why. but they were criticizing the mv when it rawks lorhs.

zhang fan and li ke sang too. after that the celebration ended. so sad. sigh

had hsk exam on saturday. i tink i flopped it. and i discovered that my concentration level had really become worse. ahhh. thats abt it. and this blogging session took 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes boo.


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