Wednesday, September 7

long time no blog ahh change of lifestyle

i am in school now in com lab 1. argh havent update for a long time cos my computer died. its a long story. so much had happened since i last blog. i havent even enjoyed my holidays since the start, instead the holidays seemed to have so much more to do than normal school days. i am tired. really tired of everything. tired of my life. tired of homework and projects. tired of COMPUTERS! but but i am not tired of horoscopes, friends and family (: whee.

i cant really remember what happened on 3 sept saturday but i think i went to parkway to buy uriage skincare products and they added up to nearly 90 bucks and it was my own allowances. argh. auntie jenny wasnt there when i reached but i just took the products as instructed by her. after that erm we went to the hawker centre at old airport road to makan LATE dinner argh.

yy just reminded me that we attended debate at mediacorp in saturday afternoon. then i remembered i met up with my LA group members in the morning/afternoon to film LA. talking about LA just made me wanna scream. i still have alot to say about it though we had already handed in the film. and yes its a LONG LONG story. and if you are the patient sort or dont have the time or just plain not interested at all... i advised you not to read on.

Well and if you are still reading on, you better prepare yourself for lotsa crap and complaining. before i start whinning, i think i should reward you with the details at the debate held at mediacorp. well so yes we filmed before the debate but we wasted some time tidying our chemistry file and doing the worksheets/ corrections etc. and i actually tidied two chemistry file. yes not ONE but TWO. your eyes not playing trick on you. argh wj was super late for the filming and when we started filming, alot of people had started arriving for the debate in school and it was really hard to ask the people around to keep quiet for the filming. and duh it was embarrassing to act in front of soooo many people.

jess and the others suggested a scene on the bus journey to mediacorp but unfortunately we got all separated and i sat with peiyu on the bus. chatted with her and showed her a bit of our film. upon reaching mediacorp we started discussing about LA filming and as usual all the problems started pouring in. and i was almost hoping that i could stop breathing and all the troubles would just go *poof and gone. urgh.

the debate was nice. the eight debaters were from different universities in different countries. one of them was from NUS yayy Singapore's pride but erh he cant really sing or maybe he just cant sing jay's song. haiya. i dun feel like blogging anymore. sorrie for the sudden change in mood and causing disappointment. i promise i will continue to blog about all the events that happened in the past few days but i think it will be a long wait cos yes my computer died and my new laptop seemed to have problem connecting to internet.

life's getting on my nerves but at least i still have my tv and my friends. argh

love is but an embellishment in life. it is not as important as bread as it doesnt ensure your survivial. lol have a nice day~


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