Friday, September 2

I was supposed to wake up at 5am this morning to mug for today's geography test but apparently i couldnt get myself out of bed in time and i slept for another one and a half hour before getting out of my comfy bed. by then i had already wasted the time i could have mug for geography. was supposed to study geography last night but when yy told me online that junyang was performing onstage for Project Superstar, i just chionged to the other room with tv and didnt bother about my computer and homework, not to even mention revision can.

ahhh and that was a sin. ohgosh i just remember i havent done my LA reflection which is supposed to be due today but whatever, i shall pia it tonight and place it in Mdm Nora's locker tomorrow. ah thats abit of digressing but never mind. yes wasting time sleeping instead of studying when it was the actual day of the crucial geog test is indeed a huge sin. after watching Project Superstar last night, i tidied my chemistry file but got fed up after a while cos the content page does not tally with the worksheets i had with me at that time (and so i didnt hand in today. argh)

Anyway Project Superstar last night really rocks my socks like crazy. Junyang totally rocks my whole universe and galaxy when he sang the theme song of the teenage drama Tian Shi Wo Ai Ni (am i right or erh wrong?) And the duet with Shi Sin Huey, Wu Ding, was really NICE. yes NICEEEEE in cap locks and lotsa eeeee (: gosh they behaved like couple lorh. Hope Candyce did not give Junyang a piece of her mind. whoa. hahas kidding eh.

I am really hoping for a re-telecast (is there such a word) of last night's Project Superstar's Finals. It really rocks. Hm Perhaps excluding the announcing of the champion. I was kinda disappointed though i have lost interest in Project Superstar ever since Junyang was eliminated. It sorta dashed my hopes you know. And when the results showed that Weilian had emerged as the champion well it was definitely an unexpected ending. Not that I discriminate Wei Lian. I seriously think that he is a true hero with courage and perseverance. I admire him for who he is and how he overcomes his handicap. Just like Lena Maria, the girl who is born with no arms. I dont have much preference between Kelvin and Kelly. They are already champions since they have emerged out from the so many contestants.

My heart totally sank without the will to struggle when i realised that Junyang was eliminated. I mean he was really good not to mention his element of cuteness (hey sounds familiar eh?) and charisma. His vocals is really good and strong and he is a pro in singing love songs. ah. thats my junyang. my superstar forever and ever. He just rocks. TOTALLY.

My heart went all out to Shi Sin Huey when i saw how strong she was despite being eliminated. Her smile remained as radiant as ever and she did not drop a tear. Her sister was crying, her fans were sobbing and crazy me was tearing like nobody's business in front of the television set. She really had the potential and talent and of cos determination and courage. She did not cry and thats one reason which made me cry harder. She was so strong. Super. My idol. Our good example. I am proud of her and i am sure her fans are too.

I have no preference between kelly and kelvin since they are both really good except that kelly might be a bit better. She has the style, the charisma and everything a superstar needs to possess. As for kelvin, his singing can really touch one's heart and well up tears in the eyes. I had no preference between the both of them but majority of the people i know had expected kelly to emerge as the champion. Its pretty obvious that kelly is popular and well-liked by the judges and those comments given by the judges were like guarantee-ing her the championship in Project Superstar. I am sure she was disappointed by the results. But still she is another brave girl as she was all smiles last night although she didnt win. Kelvin looked abit sad when waiting for the results to be announced and he definitely had not expected himself to beat kelly. His hard work and efforts put in had definitely paid off. He is our hero. yayy

i am glad that both kelvin and kelly got signed up by music company which will groom them into superstars yayy!! heard from jh that junyang will be getting a contract and will have his album released soon. I am waiting VERY patiently lehs. hahas. good things are worth waiting for.

Before the results were announced last night, the 4 male finalists sang David tao's My anata. Derrick was really cute. ultimate element of cuteness (familiar?) junyang was so charming ahhh. and the four of them rawk really.

next up was a performance by the 8 male and female finalists. They sang a song which i cant remember and SHE"s tong kuai. They danced too. And Candyce was practically always standing next to junyang. hahas. ah ah. All of them rawk. Silver's smile is really attractive. Sin Huey is beautiful. Candyce is sweet-looking. yayy and of cos junyang rocks~

so now that its fate that kelvin is the champion of superstar. we should just accept it and not grumble. i mean its really not easy to join a competition with so many potential singers when you have a disability and have to face all the criticism by media and public. yups he is a true hero who deserves our admiration and respect. So now we should believe in him to give us the best music and performances and i wish him all the best here in his future endeavours (:

alright so much digressing. now back to my life. decided to pin out my fringe today cos i wld hate to see my acne worsen. its really terrible now. argh. i am getting some new skincare products. soon. maybe tomorrow. went to school. managed to hear my horoscope on the car. That DJ produced aries wrongly laa. boo.

reached school then pia geog. ahhh. terrible. pe was terrible. wt, jess, gj, ruth and i joined nicholas and kenny's team for volleyball. did warm up and i got smacked on my chin by the vball >< then game started and i was really bored cos its either the ball did not come to me or i wld jus scream when the ball came in front of me. I even served the ball ahhh and it went directionless again. the vball had an attitude problem.

initally playing against juehui's team then switched and played against erh yunyin's team. mr tan was playing in her team and i was super scared that the vball wld come to me and i was waiting desperately for the bell to ring.

hm after pe was LA. mug geog. i noe its kinda disrespectful but aiya. i managed to listen to a part of the lecture though hee.

CSP was much of mugging for geog as well. There was these really embarrassing incidents which i dont think there is a need to announce here laa. hahas. super embarrassing. jh bully me!! hahas. sm and yy oso. booo =P

recess was mugging and finally geog!! ahhh i cant finish the test lorhs. omg omg. and i wrote so untidily for every single question and i think not all that were in my mind were written down in ink. argh. the points all rushed to my brain faster than i could pen them down. my hands are slow.

after geog did file tidying and packing etc. then had art club committee meeting. it was the first and it was the best! ideas kept pouring in and there was practically not a moment of silence. esp with me, cecilia and chip around, wad do you expect. hahas. we discussed from one plus till around 3 plus. and we changed venue from sec 3 study area to the canteen cos we were intimidated by the npcc. hahas no no =X cos we wanted to have lunch.

after the meeting, we went to computer lab for video editing. had to go down to the staffroom to ask mr ken for permission. and he was nice! although he dunno us he still helped us and even asked about our film. Thank you Mr Ken (:

we realised that we could not upload the films into the computer so we went down to the canteen. saw yy and yl. then got to know that yy lost her phone then we went around searching for her phone. but couldnt find. sigh dont be sad kaes (: whoever is that meanie who took her phone out of greed, you be careful. you wont be able to have a good night sleep tonight. just you wait kaes bully my 'mommy' LOL

i think i gtg and get started on LA film. tata.

to yuhan and jm: get well soon (:


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