Friday, September 9

slacky day

hm finally had a good night sleep last night. after all the projects and everything. LA film is definitely grp5's pride laa. showed it to everyone when we met up for csp proj at jelly's hse yesterday. i was super late for the discussion cos my dad went to his office to get some stuff before driving me there. it was raining and my op slippers are really really old and i nearly slipped while walking to my dad's car. scary. super scary then my mom told me to get a new pair of slippers when i went to tm later in the afternoon.

hmm then met up with the others. we didnt do much constructive stuff before eileen came or maybe you can count watching my grp's LA film and the NGs as constructive. perhaps not but definitely ENTERTAINING (: gimme excess of it... awww hahas

hmmm laptop really rawks. and jelly's hse rawks even more. i went to her house like at least 6 times and its almost like my hse LOL. her mom's really nice. so we slacked slacked then went to tm for lunch at yoshinoya then shopped around. yl rushed back to sch for her fen zu. ohya we did alot of quizzes at before leaving the house for lunch. the quizzes really rawk but not really accurate at times.

lunch at yoshinoya rawks. except that me and jelly abit the mountain tortoise laa. cos we never eat before cannn. i only frequent places like mac and kfc laa hmm shopping time after lunch but but not really in the mood for shopping. dunno why. hot dog rolls were selling really cheap at polar but too bad we only saw the offer after having our lunch. ah wad a waste.

by the time we went back to jh's hse its already like four plus. hmmm and we stayed at her house for dinner. my second dinner at her hse. thank you uncle for the nice nice duck rice and chicken rice. super paiseh lorhs. i shall invite jelly to my hse for dinner the next time my grandma cooks chicken curry. whee

hmm today was mainly the tidying of my room and doing of chemistry stoichiometry worksheet i managed to complete one whole part by myself this time round after brainstorming throughout my lunch. lunch consisted of macaroni and meatballs wheee.

read the book yy helped me borrow from the library. its a really nice book. titled shi huo de tian tang. its really really nice but the story's a tragedy. it was so heart wrenching when i read it jus now and i got so carried away then i didnt even bother to stop and do my geog reflection. and now i have only typed a short para for the reflection cos i am blogging and chatting away at msn. hahas.

love is but an embellishment in life.
with it you get joy
without it you will still enjoy the sweetness of life

friends ahhh they are the necessity of life
they fill and multiply the joy and happiness in your life
they divide and share your sorrow and blues
they get rid of your worries and troubles
they calm you down and melt your anger away
and and and
they are always there for you (:

you have got a friend in me. yayy i care.


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