Sunday, September 25

second day with bandages

woke up this morning with terribly stiff wrists. my parents finally got a new aircon for my room. and i kept forgetting to blog abt so here it is. its sanyo starmex and its super cooling wooohoo. but it definitely doe not do any good to my wrists argh. revised maths for the test tmr and when i was like taking down notes the medicine inside the bandage which somehow is yellow in colour actually smudged onto my notebook. ahhh did i mention it in yesterday's entry? there were like at least 6 pages having yellow smudges.

removed my right wrist bandage jus now in the evening. my right wrist is ok le. yayy. but i think i overused it since my left wrist is still in bandages. i washed my hand and accidentally splashed water onto the bandage. the medicine inside then stained the initally white bandage argh. disgusting. cant believe i hafta wear it to sch tmr ahhh. and right i can only turn it to a certain angle if not it will start hurting. argh. was thinking of getting a new watch. preferably casio futurist watch lorhs. but now hand in bandaged how to wear. dorts. my left hand better has enough energy to hold a ruler tmr if i have to draw a linear graph ><

its even starting to hurt now. i am pretty sure that that physician exerted way too much force on my pathetically fragile arm. wahhh. i can still remember vividly the pain i went through yesterday :'(

gonna study for maths. exams are like so near the corner. later~


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