Sunday, September 11

helplessly helpless

i am feeling so super helpless now. i dunno why. jus that i cant visualize my thoughts properly and i am like wasting my life away without getting anything constructive done. argh. why arh. why is life so unfair.

i SERIOUSLY need to quieter study environment. how can i concentrate when all the birds are chirping away happily like nobody's business. its a bad thing already that i havent start on anything for the eoy exams and according to jingles, the exams are like only 20 days or even less away. ahhh. help!

jelly's hse and yy's hse are definitely ideal studying environment. i am so envious. but other than envying what else can i do. i noe maybe i should quit being a sedentary creature and maybe walk to the nearest community library and relax and study there but i cant even be bothered to leave my room. gosh. whats happening. my life's in a mess. everything's in a mess.

mr helmi and ms loh havent post the online lessons which they talked abt. and the physics exam practice paper is like soooooo difficult. i have so many things undone and what am i doing? blogging?

i cant relax so dont tell me to relax. i will appreciate that.

and when life's so disastrous, does wishing upon a star help at all?

i think NO. but maybe crying for help does. HELP.


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