Friday, September 23

fun dayy

hm stayed up till like 4 plus to complete LA essay and Chinese reflection yesterday. Went for morning duty as usual. Super tired but not that tired. After duty went to change into pe attire then played basketball during pe. whooohooo basketball rawks and the feeling of playing basketball again is totally wonderful! i actually managed to shoot in like twice. then we played the abc game. then tried some random three pointer shot. then went back to match. and you noe wad. i actually managed to snatch the ball when it was being passed. its like a miracle cos it has never happened before. so proud of myself heheeh.

after pe was LA. watched this jap macbeth film. the song sang inside were like super longgg and that lady macbeth walked funnily. the film is not bad jus that abit dull cos its black and white. did chinese presentation for csp and my grp happened to be after darren's grp and thats not a good thing cos they are pro ppl who can crap without summarized script. argh. but i think my grp did our best le. whatever. girl powerr! at least our presentation was quite smooth going except for my part when i kept stuttering out english words. and lost where i was in the script. according to darren i acted cute. grr whats the prob lorhs.

hmm stayed in class during recess which explained why i was so hungry when school finally ended. geog lesson was fun. and there seemed to be alot of comments when i spoke up. ahh. miss pear oso very cute. she went haha when hongyi was being called by mrs phua. LOL

after school ms devi held the bali briefing in 3J and those not going had to leave the room. i left the room and walked at least thrice past my own classroom and not being let in. hahas. sought refuge in 3i with shue ling. went for lunch with her and shumin. met mufeng. apparently my rate of eating has decreased rapidly and i am now the slowest to finish my lunch whether its noodles or rice. usually is rice. my digestive system got problem lehs. hahas

after that went back to classroom. both my right and left wrists were abused LOL yes abused. and i screamed super loud, so loud that i think everyone at the corridor can hear laa. whatever la.

after that was cpa skit rehearsal.... till around 4 plus. took bus home with shumin and shueling.

today's pe lesson really rawks. basketball rawks too. calories-burning. and not forgetting the taking place of a miracle wheee.

i am proud to announce that i have become Jelly's angel. wheeee. i am angel no. 4 in the cpa skit and i just made a halo and a wand. i think its super cute and i did not disappoint art club i hope. hehes.

being an angel is no easy task. tsk tsk the making of the halo is already tedious work. thats so true can.i tried making the halo with a clothe hanger and my hands mei you li and i ws afraid that the veins will start popping out like what happened in the afternoon. ask shumin shes my eye witness LOL. then my brother gave me some thinner and lighter wires cos the clothe hanger right, not only issit hard to bend into a circular shape, it is too heavy for my head and gave me a headache. hahas i managed to make the halo and it is now resting in my paper bag with my skirt and wand. i am an angel~ lalala

btw a big thank you to shumin and shue ling for being my saviour today ;)


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