Saturday, September 24

angel with injured wings

ahhh my wrists are in bandages now. yes both lehs. so terrible right. haiya. so irritated lorhs cos the bandage very tight. went to see physician jus now. omg he rubbed and turned my forearm lorhs. both right and left and then bandaged it. i look hilarious now. i can still type and sms. and move but i am advised not to but i cannot stay still so dun care le.

i am removing the right bandage tmr. oh pls lorhs. theres a maths test on like monday? and i have morning duty. i dont wan to look funny with two bandaged wrists standing at the main gate. the left bandage will be left on still a while later bahhs. cos theres a bruiseee on it. argh. regretted going to see the physician in the first place. such a meannieeee right. i was struggling not to scream jus now lorhs. and i was like practically closing my eyes.

he made me experience the worst pain ever in my life. yes in my erh 15 years of life. trust me the pain is too overwhelming le. so overwhelming that my arms have no strength at all argh.

although i am injured dont worry i can still protect ppl and grant this wishes. an injured angel is still an angel. hehehe furthermore i am jelly's angel (:


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