Wednesday, September 7

whoooo i am in a better mood

whoooo i am in a better mood right now. wheee sorry for the sudden mood swing in the previous entry. it was typed in com lab 1 in school just now. when i was typing away, yy, yl and jh were playing some games which seemed fun but i wasnt in the mood to join in sigh antisocial. hahas after cutting off the previous entry, i started on my proposal for CPA publicity. i have so many things to do so i better get them done fast and quick if not i will be super stressed and moody when everything has to meet the deadline.

after a while, yy and yl left. then jh and i discussed about geog and decided to go somewhere for lunch. we went to the school canteen to see if theres the peanut biscuits which jh has this ultimate craving for but the vending machine was practically empty boohoo. then i suggested going to tm for lunch. hahas then took bus 158 and mrt there. chatted alot on the mrt. actually i was the one ranting and whinning most of the time laa. so much had happened these few days and i seldom get the chance to pour my sorrows out. LOL. thanks alot to jelly hor. paisehh for making your ears suffer.

then we decided to eat mac after some consideration. ahhh dont remind me. yes i noe calories but whatever. i think i took nearly half an hour to finish my chicken burger. my appetite's getting really funny lately. i get hungry easily. perhaps due to the fact that my stomach's producing more and more hydrochloric acid. but when i alas buy food and about to start munching, i dont feel like eating anymore and even feel kinda full. weird huh. oh no eating disorder? i suppose not la. i realised that those ppl who sit outside the mac at tm are mostly smoking. hm

after makaning, er i took a really long time btw and poor jelly waited for me. hahas and i wasted like half a packet of regular fries. my appetite is really... dorts. anyway after that both of us headed for popular. i went to buy a blue pen and erh to waste time? though geminis are supposed to hate wasting time and doing nothing but hey i was shopping. then we were astonished at the number of new assessment books then we become guai kias and started flipping through the books. LOL then i was going crazy over chemistry assessment books. cos chemistry rawks, mrs phua rawks, mr lee rawks. i love chemistry to bits and shreds and pieces bwahahas. then we sat down behind a shelf and jh was looking thru this geog book. we were trying to karp info for our geog hols proj laa. heheehee. then i saw this nice looking casco chemistry book and when i turned to the back u noe who i saw?

i saw a photo of our former principal MR TAN THIAM HOCK. and that chemistry reference book was written by him u noe!! after his retirement in jan this year. omg he loves chemistry as much as i do and mrs phua does. LOL then me and jh took a book each and studied it. we found out that it is quite useful. no no correction. VERY useful. hahas i am getting that book thats for sure. heeee and u should too. i mean if you are all studious and stuff yeps. u wil feel motivated by just knowing the fact that the book is written by someone u noe. heee

after one hour or so in popular we decided to go home. at that point of time both jh and i were broke and we only had enough money to take bus/mrt home. so cham right. haiya.

the mrt journey home was no doubt lonely and bored. its plain misery to be alone on the bus or mrt. geminis cant stand loneliness not even for a second. hahas at least thats true for me. hm then i came home. was really fed up with my computer and laptop cos one is spoiled and the other cant connect to internet. then jus now suddenly brain juice rushed to my brain and i realised that the firewall in my laptop must have hindered the connection to internet so smarty me uninstalled the firewall and yay the internet connection is back. and everyone's feeling happy for me cos i was whinning in sch just now that its gonna be a torture for me not being able to log on to the net. unable to log on to the net means no chatting at msn, means no blogging, means no fun, means no horoscope-checking every day. ahhhh i cant survive.

i will be meeting up with the others tmr to do csp proj at jelly's hse. hahas i am going to her house for the second time this week i think. and its kinda a long story to start from last saturday so i will just highlight some 'climax' of the events that had happened. hmmm sunday was a travelling day. singapore tour to be specific.

on sunday morning i realised i cant load the video into my lousyyyy computer and i promised yuhan that i will return her the camera at 930 pm at bedok mrt if i did not remember wrongly. then early in the morning i started calling up ppl and asking them how to upload the video then i asked yy if i can load the video to her computer and niceeee yy agreed so my mom took me and my bro to bedok by taxi. the taxi driver was really humorous and entertaining. i was in a bad mood and he really did cheer me up a little.

upon reaching i met yy then went to her house and started uploading. did not noe what to do at first but eventually know le. then the video was taking like forever to upload, practically one or more hour. then yy had to go for her tuition so i was alone in the study room uploading the video. i felt very bad cos so early come and trouble ppl then her maid very nice. prepared garlic bread and milo for me. then munched on the bread as i waited for the video to load then my mom was waiting downstairs for me lorhs. then then i was super super late to meet yuhan so i asked my mom to bring the camera to peixin's hse and pass to them. then i continued uploading the video when it finally completed i rushed to eugene's hse to learn how to edit the video. the bus ride was scary. i was supposed to take bus 608 from bedok interchange initially, as instructed by wj but but the bus service dont operate on weekends and to think i still waited for like erh 15 minutes for it. lucky i noe hokkien and the nice auntie beside me speaks hokkien. dialects just rawk laa.

then eugene told me to take bus 14 then i boarded the bus and went around aimlessly cos i have never taken bus 14 before. yes i dont stay in bedok mahs. then he told me to alight after seeing a starbucks on the right. so throughout the whole bus journey, my head was tilted to the right and looking out for that magical starbucks. the bus journey took like forever too lorhs and finally i saw that enlightening starbucks and alighted. it was raining super heavily and i did not have an umbrella with me so niceee jelly came to the bus stop to fetch me. then we went to eugene's hse lorhs. then realised that the video sending from yy's hse is too big and it might take forever to finally receive it so jh and i walked in the rain with a small umbrella to a bus 14 bus stop near siglap and boarded the bus and alighted at tanah merah mrt then took mrt to aljunied. my dad fetched us from aljunied and i went home to get the usb cable for my zen neeon. then my mom gave us bread and a packet of soya bean milk each and jh and i felt like we were in germany hahas. the packed lunch we used to have ahh memories ~

then my dad fetched us to yy's hse to save the video in my zen then we walked in the rain again to find a bus 14 bus stop and headed back to eugene's hse. argh all the travelling. then learnt editing there. yupps then after that took bus 14 to tanah merah mrt and took mrt home. before taking bus i dropped by 7-eleven to buy snickers. my stomach was growling mercilessly at that time but after buying it stopped growling so i put the snickers bar into my bag. reached home at around 745 super late lorhs. then jh editing the film. my zen was with her.

we arranged to meet up at 9am at her house the next day. i reached at 8am to help her with the editing. that night, shumin, jh and i all slept at close to 3am. argh LA... ohya that night my parents bought me a compaq laptop from the comex exhibition at suntec. yayyy my mom and dad rawk. and believe me, the laptop is a great saviour to our LA project cos it has windows media player.

then the next day which is monday we met up at jh's hse. jh and i walked towards changi road to fetch jess cos she overshot. hahas she did not alight at the right bus stop and i think it was partly my fault cos of my slow sms. hehe. then we did storyboard and all but realised that we cant finish by 12pm. so we decided to postpone till erh 5pm but we still cant finish. ohya jh's mom prepared lunch for us. then jess and shumin left for their cca etc. then her mom prepared snacks for me hahas i felt pampered. then we did till like at night then still cant finish. and i forgot abt my chemistry tuition so i didnt go cos LA oso havent finish mahs. then i ate dinner at jh's hse. so paiseh lorhs. thnks to jh's dad. thnk you uncle and auntie and jh's sister, gwendolin.

then we did the film editing until 10 plus then my dad came to fetch me. as the film editing stuff were saved in my laptop i brought home to complete. and it was super late when i reached home and i only started editing at eleven plus. and the whole editing process actually extended till morning 6am. yeah after that i went to slp and supposed to wake up at 645 am as i was meeting jh in sch at 715am. so yea 45 minutes of slp but unforunately i couldnt wake up in time. jh's phone call woke me up at 8 plus. sorrie guys. overslept too tired liaos. then rushed to sch. my dad really rawks. he has been ferrying me around these few days. showed jh and shumin the film and alas we handed into mr ken and i headed home. then took a nap from like 12 plus to 5 pm when i was awakened by shueling's phone call. i did not even eat the lunch my grandma bought. so i ate it as dinner instead. argh. finally all's over. sigh.

some random thoughts:

~ love's but an embellishment in life...

~ good things are worth the wait

~ nothing is impossible

~ insincere sorry-s are no cure
saying sorry is so common and easy and you wont noe when a sorry is a truly sincere one.

~happy moments are as short-lived as the sunset

~ girls should doll themselves up for the sake of themselves and not the guys.

~ignorance is bliss

~ taking initiative wont shorten your lifespan.

~ this world is UNFAIR.

~ someone with perfect grades need not necessary has the perfect attitude.

~ friends are the rainbow of my life

~ its really hard not to complain and rant and whine when life is being really unfair to you as well as your close friends.

~ its no use dreaming if your dreams will all be dashed by reality in the blink of an eye.


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