Saturday, September 10

random thoughts

i am starting to miss my hair in Germany during May and June. argh i have no idea why but my hair looked very very nice in the photos taken there. hey i am not being bhb. jelly also agreed with me. I wouldnt want to mention about the condition of my hair in london and paris. it was a disaster. thats why i am amazed that my hair were so nice in germany. ah. miracle. according to jelly and yy, my hair looked dry but it isnt. My hair has become smoother ever since i used Lux super rich. ohwells. hmm just some random thoughts laa.

anyway i might be getting braces after all. perhaps at the end of this year. ah. nothing can be confirmed till after the exams.

well life is getting alot more than i have expected. when i was in primary school, i just prayed hard that i would get into my dream school which is dhs at that time and after that i will go to a jc then to nus and then to work and perhaps get a boyfriend and marry blah blah blah. I did get into dhs but i never expect myself to enter the thru-train prog and skip o'level. My dream jc in secondary two was hwa chong and i die die oso must go hwa chong but now i am going to a dhs jc? erh theres nothing wrong about that. jus that it wasnt wad i expected.

and i have always wanted to be a teacher since i was a toddler. i admired my teachers from kindergarten till primary school and i kept telling myself that i would be a teacher next time. but now? the first ambition which comes to my mind is not teacher but doctor, a specialist in some areas in the medical field, perhaps a gynae or dermatologist etc etc. things do change.

I hate changes. i just do. why must things change. why cant everything just stay the same. changes can be good. changes can be bad. but still they are changes. haiya.

just went to long beach at marina for dinner jus now. super bloated now. and i am feeling sinful. hm there was these two brothers who were talking really loudly at a table next to ours. they were talking like they were the only ones in the restaurant. its their eldest sister's bday i think. hmm but they were quite entertaining eh. heheehee

watched kindred spirit in the afternoon. that muchuan is so dorts. so da nan ren zhu yi. MCP laa. put up such a brave front when he is so weak inside. do you noe that sometimes when one appears hard on the outside but soft in the inside can be very hurtful, especially when they say words to prove their 'braveness'? like 'i dont need you laa', 'dont cry. i hate to see you crying', 'it would be even better if you leave', 'i have never loved you before' etc etc.

argh. i was like scolding that muchuan when watching the show. so disgusting. so unfeeling!! so insensitive!! guys can be really insensitive at times. it is a fact. better realise your insensitivity before its too late. think about it.

and and and guys like to make use of ppl. yes. that is definitely a fact. they make use of ppl like those ppl owe them in their previous lifetime. just like how muchuan made use of xiaomei. making use of her then scolding her in front of everyone. such a bastard. what a jerk. he only realised the importance of xiaomei after she left and that he cant live without her. isnt he a bit the slow eh? not appreciating when she is there for him. only to worry when she is gone. what can i say. sometimes you have to use your brain. speak after the words go through your brain. think before you speak. filter those swearing and scolding. follow your heart. express yourself.

argh. jus some random thoughts. i am not feeling really strongly about whats written but they do make sense kaes. guess i am off to completing geog project. cya


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