Monday, June 20

scary experience with catty meow =S

was almost late for chem tuition just now. i can always count on my dad to get mii to one place on time. hahas. his driving skills rawk. and i always believe in him yupps he seldom disappoint mii and thats why my dad rawks *beams. hehes

mr lee taught about molar mass and stuff. melissa didnt come today. super lonely lorhs. hahas. then i forgot to bring my water bottle. cos was kinda rushed when leaving house. so yups. mr lee passed the attendance list around. then i was sitting on the right sector super inside. then was the last girl. then this super nice guy whose name i duno walked over and passed the list to mii. wow nice rite. hahas. didnt show mii bushuang face oso. gentleman. yups. good example. hahas

then after tuition went guardian. bought neutrogena mask. 2 for 12.90 lehs. dunno why suddenly feel like buying mask. ya la. fine lo. ai mei can? hahas.

bought Clean and Clear Acne Speed Clearing Gel. pimples are popping out on my forehead and its time i did something. i mean i have been washing my face and applying Clearasil pimple treatment cream but like no effects lehs. utter disappointment sigh bwahahas.

then went old chang kee and bought curry puffs and spring rolls. my mom asked mii buy de. then walked to bus stop and ate spring roll while waiting for bus. this uncle was staring at mii eat. hehhs its rude to stare lo. hahahas. mind ur manners UNCLE~

then bus 80 finally came. boarded it and found a seat. sat down. there is this little girl sitting opposite mii and she kept staring at mii. errr. hahas. she is pretty cute. and prettaye. bwahahas. kindas smiled at her. hahas. then after a while. an indian couple with their toddler daughter boarded the bus then the husband sat opposite mii while the wife sat beside mii then the toddler wanted to sit beside her mother which means in between mii and her mummy. hahas. she super cute cann. then cos near my stop liaos. so i gave the seat to her. she is really cute. hahas.

thot alot of my past this year on the bus. hahas. memories. hmmm

crossed the road then walked to my flat's void deck. then was about to climb up the stairs when this horrible blacky catty jumped from the stairs to my front. ahhhhh. then it followed mii. and i kept walking it kept following. smart laa. noe i got curry puffs. then the uncles sitting at the void deck were looking at mii without offering to help shoo away the cat lorhs wdh. waiting to see mii die arh. then the catty. its black btw. sat there meowing. then it opened its mouth wide. argh. super scary. ahhhh

then i decided to act smart. lightbulb above my head flashed and i walked around the lifts and got to the other side of the stairs. i thot i was able to escape. but who noe that catty strolled over lorhs!!!!! then it jumped onto the bench and looked like its gonna pounce onto mii any moment. then my mom was upstairs at the corridor so i screamed for help. hahas. an uncle was passing by and looked at mii like i am some lunatic. i noe i sound childish but i am really scared of cats!!!

yes when my mother came down, that catty hopped from the bench onto the ground and sough for refugee somewhere behind the bench. yayyy mommy to the rescue. mommy rawks!!

super scary. its obvious that that meanie blacky evilish devilish catty was following mii!!! it kept meowing. arghhhhh. i am so glad to be safe and sound at home. if i ever get killed by the catty which is like 99.999999% not possible, will you remember mii? will you tink of me? hehehes

kaes. whatever (:

so ya. hmm LA filming might have some hopes. yups and i jus thot of someone who will most probably agree to help us. so he will be a backup plan bahs. but unfortunately sacrifices have to be made. well we shall see. was telling jh that she wld most probably 99.99999999% get a negative answer tmr. its not like mii to get all pessimistic. but sometimes being too optimistic can make you get a worse fall which means a deeper feeling of disappointment.

yups thats when realisation struck. i finally accepted it. sometimes you just have to accept it. hehes

alright meeting px and jh tmr at mrt station at 1pm. chi mv. wish mii gd luck.

so ya. wad a scary experience with catty jus now. meow. argh. just a meow sends goosebumps down my arm. i am just so afraid of catty laa. my weakness. i dun hate catty. i am afraid of them. get the difference?

hahahas i just added another point to my criteria for mii prince (:

not that i am all despo laa. but every girl sets a criteria for the guy of her dream mahs. i am definitely not an exception so ya. one of the criteria. he must not be afraid of catty so that he can protect mii!! hahas. but hor

is there even any guys who are afraid of catty? not that i noe of. my dad loves catty. always patting them. i wan them to go away. he makes them come near mii. ahhh HELP.

my brother. even more pro. he makes loud noises with his foot, hence scaring them off as a result. they start to dash and seek refugee and most of the time, they run in my direction and needless to say send mii screaming and shouting and jumping around. mean eh!

so ya. hmmm browsing thru friendster now. just added eldon as my friend. and edited my profile.


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