Wednesday, June 22

a day in sch. youth day concert rehearsal

hmm slept till eleven today. supposed to wake up at 10am. My grandma woke mii up but i told her to let mii sleep somemore hahas. ya la i pigg cann. had fishball noodles for breakfast. not bad. then karp durian pudding from the fridge. after eating i changed into student councillor white tee and sch skirt then packed stuff and headed for the 158 bus stop beside my flat. was sorta feeling guilty abt eating the durian pudding lol calories... i thot i missed the 158 bus and it was like 12pm already. wanted to leave my house at 1145pm de. then i was tying my hair and taking my own sweet time laalaa. hahas 158 bus finally came and i boarded it. this is like the first time during this hols i am taking bus to school ohwells. i didnt have to go school that often this hols anyway since i spent like 1 week and a few more days in germany.


anyway alighted from the bus then saw yanyu and huiyi. crossed the road together then went to the foyer. chatted there. laughing at the games huiyi they all preparing. lol she purposely making things difficult for the lower sec lorhs. hahahas. jus wait and see.

hmm will our cls tee be ready by youth day? but can we wear our cls tee during sc duty? i doubt so. sigh. i wanna spend youth day with 3j lehs. hahas

anyway ya so rehearsal started with the lower sec concert. i was totally blur and dunno wad to do abt stage coordinating. Super sotong lorhs. i somemore ic lehs. hahas. omg. but fortunately colin knew wad to do laa. then everything was so messy and i got so bushuang and pissed off. dun ask if its by someone or something. i was jus pissed off. then i felt so stressed hahas.

but after a while finally understood wad was going on. hahas. yups phew. must really thank erh geneve, benjamin, ming shuan, shumin, yiliang and colin for their help. THANK YOU PPL (: sorrie laa i was a lousy ic of stage coordinating. heehees.

then after the lower sec concert rehearsal theres the rehearsal for the dunmanian idol. wheee *clap clap. hahas it was at 330pm. then 15 minutes before that i went to 3J clsroom with geneve to get all my files. a big thank you to the sch attendant uncle for helping mii unlock the door and waiting for mii to take my files out. i took about 7 files lorhs. hahas. but i am not going to study or revise. bwahahas.

dunmanian idol rawks. esp the start where zhiwei, li ke, zhang fan and aik siong sing F4's meteor rain!!! omg lorhs. i always faint. hahas F4 is BACK ahhhh. hahas. kaes i need to calm down. then listened to them rehearse and yiliang going on and on and nonstop abt tarot cards. he can really be a lecturer. geneve was listening so attentively that i dunno wad to say. i was almost bored to death lorhs. argh. then finally can go home liaos. took bus 158 with yiliang, mingshuan and eugene. yuppps. thats abt it. going to do chi translation proj now. cya ppl (:


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