Monday, June 20

argh chem

finally finished typing the 4th part of the chinese translation proj. that means left about hmm 7 more and somemore. whoa sounds alot har. nvm jiayou. jh jia you too kaes (:

finally did something constructive today lols. and i jus completed my chem tuition homework. see... i am a good girl. a good student. hehehes. x)

tried to do the chem e learning worksheets. saw the empty spaces on the periodic table then i thot need to fill in the elements. then i wrote h for hydrogen then read the instructions. sotong mii. hehehes. but filling up the periodic table would be so much easier than inferring which element has wad kind of properties rite. i dun care. i am gonna try my best to do chem worksheets. chem is my best subject so far. and i love chem. mrs phua's nice and sehh. hahas tells humorous jokes and keeps a stern face. but she is nice. really. i love mrs phua. my chem tuition teacher mr lee rawks too. yayys. that leads to the conclusion why i love chem and why chem is so fun. heehees.

i am seriously getting worried about LA, maths and bsp. hahas yes bsp. i have no idea when i am going to officially start on it. but needless to say by this week.

OMGGGG. i just remembered the reflection for germany trip ahhhh. forgetful mii. but maybe the others oso forget. hahas. kaes fine. i sotong cann. hafta give to ms ling for her signature when school reopens. ohwells. one more homework. gosh.

oh ya. geog notes. jh and i both didnt noe need to highlight the geog notes given by ms pear until jm told mii. hahas i am gonna get that done asap. how hard can highlighting a few stacks of notes get. yes except that its a few stack laa. hohoho merry christmas. homework are driving mii crazy. HELP. these few days' posts will most probably be homework. yes mii whining abt homework. ohya not forgetting projects. argh.

i havent develop the photos taken in paris, london and germany. ahhh and i already bought photo albums for them hahahas. this year is a special one. with lotsa wonderful memories, be it in singapore or overseas. yups (:

life is still sweet. and pls let the sweetness stay forever. hehes. kaes. gonna get ready for chem tuition. cya ppl. might be coming online later. but maybe not. hehes anyway take care cos I CARE (: kaes bye.


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